Celestial Stars Dangles
Okay but how STUNNINGGG are these?! 🤩 ✨ I literally cannot get over their shine! These are large, glamorous celestial starburst dangles that hang like a charm from a rhinestone studded hoop. The whole thing is gold based + absolutely coverrreeddd in rhinestones! Seriously so freaking magical + gorgeous! Need to glam up your look? Pick these. Love a stunning shine? Choose these. Want a stellar statement piece? You're gonna love these! - Post back - 2/10 heaviness  
Crystal Clarity Necklace
What a gem! 💎 LITERALLY. This necklace carries the prettiest amethyst stone in a regal deep purple shade with the daintiest, gold chain!! Plus I am loving the shape, it’s so unique - a hexagon point crystal that represents serenity + calmness + cleanliness + purity 🕊️💛 This piece is truly jam-packed with beautiful energy which is so perf, beacuse do we not all need more clarity + peace in our lives?? Yes + amen! The gemstone shape will slightly vary from stone to stone which makes it all the more special as each one will feel like it’s made just for you!! 😍 - 18” - 19” in length with extender
Dainty Double Moon Ring *GOLD FILLED*
Seriously, I'm over the moon for this ring! 🌙💖 So cute + dainty, this beauty is gold filled, meaning she's super high quality, will NEVER tarnish + should last foreverrrr. The ring is adjustable, so it'll fit any ring size + any finger, which makes it extra versatile. PLUS since it's so tiny, it's absolutely perfect for stacking! 🙌 Damn, for such a tiny ring, there is just so much to love! The ring features a simple thin gold band with two crescent moons meeting in the front, but not touching - one moon is solid gold, the other is rhinestone studded. So. Beautiful.  
Itsy Bitsy Basic Witchy Studs
Right this way, witches! Teensy, weensy, cutie spotted!! 👻 These are precious, little baby studs shaped in a black traditional witch hat with white lettering that states, “BASIC WITCH”. 🧙‍♀️ It is low-key in weight but high-key adorable!! It has a glossy sheen to it which makes it super fun to wear + can be paired with anything in your closet! From colorful, patterned fabrics to the most basic outfits - these minimalist, basic witch studs will 100% complete your look! 🙌  - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
Mystical Magic Huggie Hoops
Absolutely loving these classic cuties!! These are super shiny gold huggie hoops that feature a single charm of a little tarot card - the back has an engraving of a starburst, the front has the hamsa hand symbol engraved with some smaller twinkle stars around. Sooo shiny+ magical! ✨ - CAN BE MADE HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a note at checkout! - Huggie hoop - 1/10 heaviness  
Over The Moon Ring
Okay no lie: this ring was so brilliantly crafted that it was a legit challenge to capture on photo!! It was shining so beautifully with the way the light was hitting it 🤩✨ YES, it's that stunning. So be warned...it's even more incredible in person!!  This sweet thing is a silver non-adjustable ring with phases of the moon cut-outs wrapped around that's 100x more beautiful IRL as you can really see it shine with the cut-outs up close!! 🌘 OBSESSEDDD. A sweet silver piece you can stack + wear with anything- colorful or with other silver pieces! 💯
Phases Of The Moon Necklace
Oh my goshhh we’re totally swooning over this black + white lunar cycle necklace!! 🌚 The chain is dainty silver with a round, vintage pendant depicting the 7 phases of the moon on a black background + silver tone edging. It's super versatile with it being monochromatic so it matches literally a million things. PLUS! It complements the skin + looks amazing on a shirt as well so you can wear it however short or long you like. I love how the moon phases here remind us of spiritual teachings + the understanding that there are stages to everything, both in Mother Nature + also in our lives. 💛✨ - 18” - 20”i n length with extender - Lobster clasp
Snake It Off Dangles
Check out the details on these babes, though! 😍 From afar, you can already tell these are large, statement snake dangles with the most charming emerald gemstone hanging at the bottom. 🐍 These are mystical for so many reasons - they have an incredibly shiny gold base + the snake’s body has intricate, amazing cut-outs of the moon, stars, sparkles + everything whimsical crawling up its body!! Pro tip: these are long + dangly so you might want to style it with an updo just so your hair won’t get caught but honestly, it looks great in any hairstyle! 😉 - Can be made HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a NOTE AT CHECKOUT. - Hook back - 3/10 heaviness
Twinkle Twinkle Little Studs
Don’t freak out buuut….how can we not?? 🤩 These are minimalist, magical studs in the shape of a crescent moon with an 8-pointed starburst post hanging on its tip. Dainty PERFECTION!! 😘 They are gorgeous + extremely shiny thanks to their gold base + post. Plus, these cuties are drenched top to bottom in gemstones: a larger one in the middle of the beautiful star with smaller ones covering the moon. Minimal yet has sooo much character! Guaranteed to take a spot in your classy, minimalist staples for everyday wear!! 🌟 - Post back - 0/10 heaviness
You Hold The Universe Dangles
I am drooling with this showstopper!! 🤩 These are large + in charge, bright statement dangles with a golden hand hanging down with dazzling charms of Saturn, stars + all the magic the Universe holds! Soooo freaking dreamy!! The base is yellowish-gold which pops even louder than the traditional gold color. It also has the most amazing turquoise teardrop gem at the bottom which sort of symbolizes the power of water. A mystical piece that’ll make you feel magical 365 days a year!! 🥰 - Can be made HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a NOTE AT CHECKOUT. - Hook back - 3/10 heaviness
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