Crystal Waterfall Dangles
Gimme huggie hoops with some extra flare! These are a perfect mix of bold statement (that length though!!!) + minimalistic with the dainty, weightless crystal dangles. The huggie hoops themselves are silver + come to a small point at the bottom, giving them a teardrop shape, angling from the hoop are several thin chains with flattened silver accents that taper in toward the middle. The length is stunning + these could be dressed up, or be paired with an edgier look for a fun contrast!   - Huggie hoop (no poke!) - 1/10 heaviness (basically weightless!)  
Sorry, Not Sorry Dangles
 O. M. G. Are these not the most incredible statement earrings?? These are as bold as it gets + I'm obsesssssed! These GIANT dangles feature four interlocked flat-ish chain links that are a classic black + white checkered pattern. Each link does have a small slit so you could (at your own risk!) remove some of the links if you wanted a mildly less bold look. They are so freaking fun + playful! Plus since they're a classic pattern they go with everythinggg! Wins all around! 🙌 - Post back - 6/10 heaviness 
Sun Of Diamonds Statement Studs
 Okay, I might actually be speechless. These dangles are absolutely gorgeous!! They are post back with a gold base + feature a partially open circle of the most beautiful iridescent gemstones that vary in size and fan out like the sun. Speaking of the sun... when it hits these cuties, look outttt because the shine is UNREAL! Seriously, I am SO in love! 🤩✨ - Post back - 8/10, but not uncomfortable! 
Fuzzy Balls Pompom Dangles
Literally obsessssed with these giant green poms! CLEARLY a statement piece, these are so super lightweight and feature a large dark green pompom dangling from a dainty gold chain, with the sweetest little stone midway down the chain! These are so freaking CUTE + so versatile. Such a perfect pop of deep, beautiful green for any look! - CAN BE MADE HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a note at checkout! - Hook back - 1/10 heaviness
Go Where You Wanna Go Anklet Set
Check out these cuties!! Such a playful, colorful, summery anklet set. Perfect for a casual look, paired with your fave sundress or ripped jeans + a tee! This is a six piece set of solid color beaded anklets of bright yellow, soft green, lavender, creamy white, baby blue, + light orange (almost peach color!). BONUS, they're stretchy so they should fit a variety of ankle sizes and be super easy to take on + off!! P.S. This sweet little anklet set could also TOTALLY work as a bracelet stack - whatever floats your boat!
Big Girly Girl Hoops
Ummmm okay, LOVE! These giant, sassy silver hoops are so much fun!! Plus despite the size, they're actually super lightweight which is a big win! These are big silver open hoops with small silver balls all around. They're edgy, cool, bold + so badass. You're going to freaking love them! - Post back - 2/10 heaviness
Giant Gem Hoops
When I say giant, I mean GIANT 🤩 These stunning hoops are about as big as it gets + so fucking stunningggggg. The hoops are gold based + covered in gemstones, with small stones around the top of the hoop and big, multicolor stones toward the bottom that come together in the shape of a flower. The shine on these is absolutely GORGEOUS! They're a little on the heavier, but not uncomfy!  - Latch back - 6/10 heaviness  
Ya Got A Cute Peach Dangles
Anyone else love a good peach though 😜🍑 These cuties are so fun + fruity! These post back acrylic dangles are transparent with a pink tint, they feature a classic peach emoji outline + are so freaking cuuuuute! Whether you love a juicy peach, have a juicy peach or just love a fun statement piece, these are perfect for you! - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
Knot Playin' Necklace
Soooo much to love about this necklace, where to even begin!?  For starters, it's just really freakin beautiful + has a herring bone pattern chain which is so unique! PLUS it's versatile! It can either be worn knotted, or not + both looks are gorgeous!! The necklace is silver has several strands extending from a shiny silver cylinder base near the clasp. So prettyyyy! 🤩 - Lobster clasp - 3/10 heaviness  
Large + In Charge Necklace
Ummm, did someone say neon?! Because OMG at this neon necklace! The color is seriously unbelievable + so incredibly fun! It's a chunky chain link style necklace with bright, neon yellow links. You could totally rock this with loud earrings for an extra bold look, or pair it with simple studs + let this necklace be your statement piece! So bright, colorful + perfect for all you bold ass queens! - Lobster clasp - 3/10 heaviness  
Shine Bright Like A Diamond Dangles
 STOPPP, I can't even express my obsession with this look! So shiny, loud, colorful - it's a dream! 💎✨ These statement dangles hang from a circular iridescent gemstone post + feature a big ass classic diamond shape with a bold geometric iridescent pattern that gives me major kaleidoscope vibes! You'll shine bright all day, everyday with these babes! 🤩 - Post back - 2/10 heaviness  
Swing From The Chandelier Dangles
Talk about danglessss 🤩 These are so freaking FUN + so glam! They are alllll rhinestones, from top to bottom with a static arched rhinestone post with strands of rhinestones that dangle down with an ombre look going from bright fuchsia pink to a yellow gold. The length of these is seriously ✨magical✨ Perfect if you need a bold statement piece, a pop of color, or some extra glam to your everyday look!!  - Post back - 3/10 heaviness
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