Garden Fairy Dangles
You guys!! Are you seeing this?? I have never seen anything more elegantly crafted than these unique statement dangles! 🤯🤩 This enchanting masterpiece is structured like a chandelier, starting off with a gold hook + little golden fairy charm with an enamel mushroom sitting ontop of a gold outlined crescent shape with touch of greenery + a mix of white, clear, purple, + orange stones! Oh + to wrap it all up, it has drop crystals at the very bottom 💎 ✨ Unbelievably detailed…you can’t get any more cottagecore than this!!  - Can be made HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a NOTE AT CHECKOUT. - Hook back - Heaviness: 4.5/10
Free As Can Be Threaders
There are so many reasons why we love threaders + just like these statement gold hummingbird threaders…there are a million ways you can wear ‘em! 🤩 But first, let’s zoom in on the details: latching on this gold piece is a precious, dainty hummingbird with a red gem on its body + teal-ish, aqua green gem on its head and wings. You can let it hang super long, half-way or even pull it all the way up and let it hang a little. A sophisticated earthy, woodsy piece that you can style with anything! 👏 - Threaders - Heaviness: 1/10
Shoot For The Moon Dangles
This is seriously a work of art, I mean, is that the prettiest landscape or what?? 😍 These are statement crescent moon dangles with a gorgeous scene of a small cottage, bonfire, mountains, pine trees (you get the idea, a literal dream 🤩)...honestly picture-perfect! Plus the back is just as stunning as the front, from behind, this piece has a gold texture complementing the shiny enamel front with the dreamiest pastel details. These have a glossy finish + glisten like the moon…oh, we are in LOVE!! 🌙 - Can be made HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a NOTE AT CHECKOUT. - Hook back - Heaviness: 2.5/10
Always Autumn Crystal Studs
Oh I am OBSESSED with these amber encrusted, maple leaf studs!!! 🍁 These minimalist earrings are coverrrred with the prettiest gemstones that when the sunlight hits is seriously next level shine! ✨ The crystals capture the light + make the studs pop! Plus these are the perfect pair to partner with the multicolor necklace from the our Enneagram Collection! 1000% Fall vibes all year round that you can rock in any season! - Post back - Heaviness: 1/10 P.S. We paired this with our Better Together Dainty Necklace from The Enneagram Collection! Check it out!
Slow + Steady Necklace
I cannot express how happy this makes me feel inside because yessss, that is a sloth! 🦥 Fall is one of those times to shut down, decompress, + prepare for hibernation which makes this silver dainty chain necklace a precious reminder to just take your time, settle in, + relax! This is a bar necklace style with the bar being a sweet sliver sloth laying on a branch. Uhh, it just feels right to bring this little guy in to keep you company on days you’re feeling slothful. 💛 - Silver chain - 19” with extender
In Full Bloom Ring
Well well well…if it isn’t the prettiest minimalist gold ring with marbled white leaves! 🤩🍃 The leaves are intertwined + wrap all the way around but are detached at the center which makes it adjustable + pretty much wearable on any finger! You can squish it closer together or open it up to fit your preference but overall it is super lightweight + is a timeless, gorgeous everyday piece! 🤍 - Adjustable to fit any ring size!
Teatime Surprise Dangles
You are in for a surprise with these little antique teapot dangles! + yes, that is the cutest little furry creature you see nestled inside🤗 These adorable statement earrings are antique teapots that come in a classic, white + gold vintage design with a polished finish + chipmunks popping out! 🐿️ I have never seen anything like these before + I'm obsessssed! Heads up, surprisingly they're a little bit heavier than they look, but honestly not bad at all! So, so precious + if you like them here, you're gonna really really love them in person!! 💛 - Can be made HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a NOTE AT CHECKOUT. - Hook back - Heaviness: 3/10
Home Sweet Home Dangles
Home is where the heart is, + our hearts are absolutely set on these adorable tiny yellow cozy cottage dangles!! 🍄 These cute minimalist earrings belong in fairyland + are attached on little silver hooks with different colored cottage windows on the roof with a classic brown cottage door. Whoever’s living there is living their best life + whoever's wearing them feels just the same! 😍 - Can be made HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a NOTE AT CHECKOUT. - Hook back - Heaviness: 3/10
Little Lovebug Studs
Uhmm how adorable are these minimalistic rose gold studs?? They’re soo tiny + precious, just looking at these critters makes you wanna protect them!!❤️🐞 These sweet ladybugs are bright, shiny red + black with rose gold hardware. They have a glossy body + realistic finish complete with classic ladybug spots spots! Super subtle + is a perfect nature-y, cottage-y feel that just warms you up + makes you feel so good when you wear them! - Post back - Heaviness: 1/10
Snailed It! Dangles
We caught another critter + I freaking love it!! 🐌 These are super fun bright pink +red patterned statement snail dangles with a floral design and a BUTTERFLY post! 🦋 These have a shiny, glossy finish + best of all are incredibly lightweight. considering their size!I mean seriously, how cute are these snails?? So bright + look like they crawled from the open pages of a story book. F-U-N! - Post back - Heaviness: 2/10
Fully Booked Studs
🗣 ATTENTION: these are books you can carry anywhere + wear for life!! 📚 A minimalist pair with details of stacked books, overgrown flowers, + greenery resting on top. It just completes the vision of being in a cozy cottage, all warmed up with a hot chocolate drink + your fave read. Just one of those daydreams that make you smile + feel allllll warm, fuzzy on the inside! 🥰 - Post back - Heaviness: 0/10
Mush-Have Huggie Hoops
Where the cottages go, the mushrooms grow…..just like our sky blue mushroom charm huggie hoops!! 🍄 This cool minimalist pair comes in a shiny golden clasp which you can easily clip back on + off with no poke!! The enamel mushroom charm is a gorgeous blue with three little crystals centered in a triangle position. Serious the most dazzling shade of blue, these are super lightweight + feel oh so cozy to wear every day! Definitely a mush-have piece!! - Huggie hoops - Heaviness: 2/10
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