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You Have A Pizza My Heart Dangles
$24.00 $26.00
I mean, come onnnnn with these! These acrylic dangle feature pizzas with pepperoni hearts and glittery crust + heart post top🍕❤️ SO FREAKING CUTE! Perfect for pizza night with the girls! -Post back -1/10 heaviness
I'm Berry Loved Dangles
These big ol' strawberries are the cutest everrrr! We're going for champagne + strawberry vibes + honestly, these NAIL it! They're bold dangles for sure and feature a bright red strawberry with little holes as the seeds and a green top, plus did I mention they're also glittery!? YES, GIRL! - Post back - 3/10 heaviness
Char-CUTE-rie Board Dangles
STOPPP these dangles are so freaking fun!! Totally putting the "CUTE" in charcuterie 😍These statement dangles are sure to start a conversation + add an element of fun to your outfit at party, a wine tasting, or wherever you're wearing them! These are on the heavy side but sooo worth it! They feature a super realistic + gorgeous charcuterie board etched in rhinestones + packed with crackers, grapes, cheese, olives, allllll the yummy goodies you'd want to find on a board. These also have a shiny gold backing with gives them a really classy, elevated look. So👏fun👏 - Post back - 8/10 heaviness
Damn Clip
Oh heyyyyyy, babe! I really am in love with the quality of this clip!! It's thick and perfect for us girls with thicker hair, which is honestly so hard to find! It says "DAMN" in call caps and the letters are covered in some sexy little rhinestones! It's so fun and my newest fav hair accessory!  P.S. We have this same style clip but with the word: HAPPY - check it out!
Beautiful Isn't A Size Pin
Seriously though, socially constructed beauty standards are for the birds✌️ This sweet little enamel pin sums it up perfectly by giving us it's message in bold, all-caps, pink lettering: "Beautiful Isn't A Size". And it. Is. Perfect.  
Donut Worry, Be Happy Dangles
PLSSS with these donut dangles, I am IN LOVE! So flipping fun - I mean, they basically speak for themselves! These acrylic statement dangles hang from a marbled light pink post and feature a cartoon style donut with light pink frosting and sprinkles. They are super sweet, as any good donut should be 🍩💖 - Post back - 2.5/10 heaviness
Speaking of Coping Skills... Ice Cream Dangles
The therapist in me could GO ON for a long ass time about why it's absolutely acceptable to use use food as a coping skills. I could also go on about how our bodies need calories to survive, how food can be for enjoyment as much as it is for nutrition, how no food is a "bad" food..... but for now we'll just go with Speaking of Coping Skills... these Ice Cream Dangles!!! These have a soft pink marbled post and ice cream scoop on a tan waffle cone. It has multicolored sprinkles because we deserve nothing but the best! They're super lightweight, too! - Post back - 2/10 heaviness 
Candy Crush Dangles
How stunningly sweet are these! I'm absolutely obsessed with the shiny iridescent color of these dangles! They're classic hard candy-style dangles that are so freaking shimmerryyy. They're a perfect statement for any occasion + you'll be hard-pressed to resist their scrumptious sweetness! 🍬✨ - CAN BE MADE HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a note at checkout! - Hook back - 2/10 heaviness
Gimme A Gummy Bear Necklace
Let your inner child out to play with this yummy gummy necklace! This cutie is a silver chain necklace with multicolor gummy bear charms.  It's such a sweet + playful way to add some color to your look! - 21" in length  
Happy Food, Happy Tummy Stud Set
Burgers🍔, tacos🌮, + fries🍟, oh my!! This cutie set comes with three baby studs - tacos, french fries, and burgers each with the happiest little smiley faces! They're so cute and have such a classic look - perfect for stacking or mixing + matching. These just make me so freaking happyyy 🥰 - Post back - 1/10 heaviness  
Coffee (Cool) Beans Studs
Where are my coffee lovers atttt?☕️💛 Anyone else need coffee before becoming a fully functioning human being every day? We're in this together! Show your love for coffee with these perfect little coffee bean studs that come in either gold or silver. So cute + stylish, these babes add a simple, sophisticated charm that will go with any look!!  - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
-20% sale
Shake That Laffy Taffy Ring
$12.00 $15.00
Y'all go ahead and shake that laffy taffy when you're wearing this yummy statement ring! This sweet thang looks like a classic + colorful strip of laffy taffy squiggled around your finger. It is so sweet and fits super comfortably (but not too snug!). Wrap your finger in this bit of deliciousness and you'll be feeling sweet as sugar! 🤩 - RING SIZE: 7.5
Always Hungry Pin
Uhmmmm, yeah. This pin is speaking my language, anyone else?! 🙋‍♀️😂 This cutie is a little infinity shaped pink, glazed, sprinkled donut with the words "always hungry" in all-caps. So perfect for a bag, jean jacket, lanyard, + definitely perf for a lunch box!!
Carbs Are A Girl's Best Friend Croissant Studs
It's true, carbs totally don't count! Especially when you're wearing them on your ears like you can with these itty bitty buttery croissant studs 🥐✨ So light + delicious, these baby studs have a shiny gold back + outline. They're perfect for heading to brunch with the girls! - Post back - 1/10 heaviness  
Sweet As A Pineapple Studs *GOLD DIPPED*
Say hellooo to these cutie studs! These tiny classically colored pineapples are sweet as can be with a shiny gold base + outline. The perfect accessory for a sweet summer day! 🍍💛 - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
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