Bleeding Love Dangles
C'mon...does this not remind you of A Court of Thorns + Roses?? 🌹⚔️ But also...Beauty + the Beast anyone? These fantastic mismatched dangles carry an enchanted rose on one side + a dagger on the other in true fantasy-fairytale fashion!! They are hella SHINY, hella big + hella detailed with a golden heart post + dimensional line carvings following their real-life shapes. Insane craftsmanship that's insanely bright as it's 100% covered in metallic gold so you can shine in any outfit!! ✨ - Post back - 2/10 heaviness
Good Books, Bad Girls Pin
Raise your hand if you love a good spicy book 😆😏🙋‍♀️😝 Or just a good read in general...we see you + we've got the perfect pin for you, or the perfect gift for soemone you love who falls into that category!! This adorable enamel pin is a stack of books in various shades of pink with words on the spines of the books that read out the sentence: good books make bad girls and dangerous women. YES + AMEN 🙌
Reading Is Dreaming Dangles
A book lover's dream 📚💖 These acrylic dangles are so freaking sweet + I cannot get enough! These cuties hang from a gorgeous deep magenta circular post + feature an open pastel pink book with the sweetest wildflowers growing up from the book with the words " READING IS DREAMING" over the flowers. It is just the sweetest statement piece ever! Perfect for book lovers, teachers + dreamers everywhere ✨ - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
Sorry, I'm Booked Pin
This pin just screams: ain't nobody got time for that! The pin for all the hustlers, boss babes, go-getters + social butterflies who are busy livin + lovin life!! 🥳💪This pin is a colorful stack of closed books in teal, pink + yellow beside a mug with black lettering that says, "Sorry I'm Booked". We know das riiiight! An awesome statement that's easy to pin anywhere! 💯  
Stranger Danger Dangles
"Grandmother, what big eyes you have!" says the little girl in her little red cape on one side of the earring. "All the better to see you with, dear" replies the wolf on the other. 🐺 And the rest is history. Yep! These are fairytale dangles inspired by Little Red Riding Hood + The Big Bad Wolf with one side featuring our sweet-faced little heroine from the neck up all dressed in her iconic marble red hood + the sly wolf in sleek black + grey on the other. 💗 Both hang from a beautiful red flower post with a subtle pink center. 10/10 will have you saying: "all the better to style my look with!". 🤩 - Post back - 2/10 heaviness
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