Wildflower Hoops
These are the loveliest hoops with the sweetest message - inspired by all those who long to be mommas, these are for you. These gorgeous, feminine hoops are dried flowers dipped in a thick resin. They're open hoops and have a ridged, flower petal sort of edging. They're earthy + so perfect for spring, summer, or everyday wear!  - Post back - 2/10 heaviness 
-24% sale
You Da Bomb Dangles
$16.00 $21.00
Shout out to all the mommas of the world 🥳 YOU ARE THE BOMB! 💣💥 And so are these bomb-ass dangles! These are accrylic black bombs with a mirror back that hang form a chucky silver chain from a classic comic-book style explosion post + they are so freaking funnnn, y'all. Plus: they're glittery! Wins all around! ✨ - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
Happy Fuzzy Dangles
We don't deserve the unconditional love our fur babies give us, but damn I'm grateful for it! These fun pom dangles were inspired by everyone who loves [+ is lucky enough to be loved by] a sweet furry friend 💛 These statement dangles feature a multicolored pom at the base of a long dainty gold chain. So sweet + fun! -Hook back - CAN BE MADE HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a note at checkout! - 1/10 heaviness
are we friends, yet?
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