The roziejune Mag

Roziejune is a safe space for the marginalized people of the world. Women, women of color, disabled women, the queer community, those battling  mental illness, and anyone who needs a safe haven.

We created this magazine because we knew that our community could benefit from it. It is another way to bring us together. Along the way, we realized that the world could benefit from it.  We recognize the power & influence magazines had on us while growing up, and the power they still hold now, so we wanted to use that power & influence for the better. We want to normalize all human bodies & show that all humans are beautiful & all humans are important. We want to normalize the things that have been ostracized. We want to share stories & amplify voices to create empathy & understanding which leads to unity, love, equality, and community. We are committed to building a future where everyone is equal. This is our mission.

Welcome to our little safe haven. You are welcome here. You are wanted here. You are valued here. We hope that when you read the roziejune mag  that you are reminded of how powerful you are, how magical you are, and that you are a part of a badass community of women. You are not alone. You are a part of something bigger, something meaningful, and something filled with love. 

We also hope that when you read the mag,  you feel empowered to be YOU. All of you. To embrace all of your magical, beautiful, wild & weird soul. Its time to step into your power & to take up all of the space that your soul wants.

This magazine is a collaboration & a labor of love from our community. If you would like to contribute, please read below & read how to submit your work. Looking forward to see what you create.


**please note. The magazine is currently on hold until we are able to come up with enough funds for the next issue. We will keep you updated on instagram.

We are always looking for ways to highlight as many of you as possible! We want to share as many different stories, experiences, talents, and perspectives as we can. This includes highlighting the small business, artistry, and other entrepeneurieal hustles of our community.

How submitting works:

  1. Check out the guide below to see the current topics we will be focusing on for March & April.
  2. Create something based off of the topics. Feel free to reuse work you have created in the past, or make some magic with intention for the magazine. 

3.Using the link located at the end of each category below, fill out the google form that is relevant to what type of work you are submitting. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully. Submit.

4.We will let you know if you will be featured, or if we might be able to use your work in the future. If we don't feature you this time, there will be more opportunities.

5.We will contact you for further questions or information.

  1. If anything needs to be edited we will let you know & have you review the edits made before publishing.
  2. You will be featured in the roziejune mag, and you will receive one as a contributer.

Subjects we will be focusing on in April & May:

  • international women's day
  • women in __________ (you fill in the blank)
  • women's history 
  • earth day
  • minority health 
  • multiple sclerosis 
  • women with HIV/AIDS
  • IBS
  • infertility
  • autism
  • st patty's day
  • easter
  • spring
  • sexual assault
  • endometriosis
  • crafting


Are you ready for your opinions and knowledge to be shared to a community of like-minded queens? We'd love to hear your thoughts so send in your articles, guides & poems. Shorter articles are generally 500-750, longer articles 900-1500. 

We encourage you to draw from your own experience, but if you do need to reference others' ideas please explicitly reference any works cited. Our current editorial guidelines permit third party sources to be quoted verbatim at at maximum of one sentence per source. 

Please send in your completed work here:


We are looking for photographers who would like to feature their photography in our magazine. You can use work you already have that aligns with our vision for the magazine and brand, or create some specifically for the mag. No compensation with this currently. Submit your work in the link below, with up to 10 photos you would like to feature in the magazine. If the photos work for the magazine, we will reach out for the full gallery if applicable. We are looking for photos with symbolism & imagery that goes along with the magazine's vision. Representation is key. We really love a filmy, organic, editorial look. 

If you are using a model, please be sure that we have written consent to use their photo in the magazine. You will not be compensated, but we will credit each photo with your handle, as well as any models' or stylists' handles.

You can submit your work here:

Graphic Designers + Artists:

We are looking for graphic designers & artists who want to feature their work in our magazine. We are looking for designs that somewhat align with our current brand style. Looking for fun illustrations, beautiful paintings, funky graphics, anything & everything you think could really bring some extra magic to the mag.  You can submit your completed work (up to 10 graphics) at the link below. No compensation for this, but we will credit your work with your instagram handle.

You can submit your work here:


We are looking for makers in our community who would love to be highlighted as our maker of the month. This doesn't guarantee a collection collaboration with roziejune, but it could lead there. With this feature, you get 2 full spreads. We are looking for makers who align with our values & who are active members of our community. 

You can apply to be a featured maker here:

Community Member:

We are looking for members of our community that would like to be featured via interview. This is a great way to nominate someone you know that would be great to feature in the mag. Maybe you feel that you have an experience that you think you should share because it could help others? perfect. Maybe you deal with things that are unique to you that you wish people understood better, perfect. Some examples of this: mental health journey, experiences as a queer woman, experiences as a WOC, your body image journey, a disability, your experience with a hardship you may have faced, or a challenge you overcame. A story unique to you that you want to share with the world. 

You can submit yourself or someone else here:

Small Businesses Looking to Advertise:

Thinking the rj mag could be a great place to advertise for your small business? Great! We now offer paid ads. We are looking for businesses who align with our values. 

  • 1/4 page- $75
  • 1/2 page- $150
  • 1 page- $250 

It is encouraged that you provide your own graphic that aligns with your branding. If this is not possible, we will design it for you as an add-on. 

You can apply to feature an ad in the mag here:

We trust you! If you feel that the one thing that this magazine needs is you or your friend, or your art, please submit! If you are feeling scared, take this as an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. This is a community collaboration and you bring so much goodness to the table. 

We are looking forward to seeing what you create!

Sometimes you just gotta leap, baby!


Questions? Please shoot us an email: