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Mental Health Tee
$10.00 $34.00
Say hello to the "Mental Health" tee! It says "Prioritizing your Mental Health is really freaking cool" ! SO TRUE RIGHT?! This tee was brought to life by @sarahmichelleco. They are screen printed locally, although they feel a little different from our previous screen printed tees, just a heads up. They are still great quality though! They are printed on Comfort Colors t-shirts, which are the yummiest, softest tees with a worn in feel. They get even better with each wash. Amazing quality, and the color is perfection! The prettiest mint green/aqua color. They fit true to size. We will be shipping these out this time! I am wearing an XL here, and am currently a size 12/14. S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL Body Length 26 3/5 28 29 2/5 30 3/4 31 3/5 32 1/2 33 1/2 Body Length Tolerance +/- 1 1/4 +/- 1 1/4 +/- 1 1/4 +/- 1 1/4 +/- 1 1/4 +/- 1 1/4 +/- 1 1/4 Chest Tolerance +/- 1 +/- 1 +/- 1 +/- 1 +/- 1 +/- 1 +/- 1 Chest Width (Laid Flat) 18 1/4 20 1/4 22 24 26 27 3/4 29 3/4
Notorious RBG Dangles *HYPOALLERGENIC*
Another RJ EXCLUSIVE earring from Born 2 Blossom Designs!! These gorgeous dangles are inspired by RBG, a literal icon when it comes to women empowerment. These dangles are all gold everywhere and feature a shiny gold cut out of RBG's iconicccc collar hanging from a gold chain. "As women achieve power, the barriers will fall. As society sees what women can do, as women see what women can do, there will be more women out there doing things, and we'll all be better off for it.” - Ruth Bater Ginsburg. Yes & amen! - Post back - 2/10 heaviness
You're Safe With Me Pin
Because everyone is worthy of being safe in the world 💖 This small but might pin says "You ARE SAFE WITH ME" in black lettering on white circle center, with two thin-striped rainbows encircling it (the top rainbow in more classic, muted colors, the bottom rainbow alternates blue, pink , + white). Let's commit to creating more safety + love in our world, k?   
Can't Dim My Shine Dangles
Let's talk about this shinnnneee ✨ Inspired by women being bold, flashy, amazing + unapologetically taking up space. The shine on these dangles is almost as stunning as you are! These post back dangles feature three four-pointed stars made with a double layer of silver acrylic material + a shine so bright you'll absolutely be turning heads when you rock them! They could also totally be dressed up or down, so you can go, be bold, + shine everyday with these! - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
I'm A Bad Bitch Studs
Dainty in design but bold in spirit - these little studs pack a punch with their message! These statement (literally) studs feature the words "bad bitch" in cursive lettering - I mean, need I say more?? Embrace all that badass-ness in you, girl! These are the perfect compliment for every outfit, obvi. - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
Women Who Fight Together Stay Together Dangles *HYPOALLERGENIC*
I am SO excited about these roziejune EXCLUSIVE earrings from Born to Blossom Designs! These incredible dangles are inspired by this RJ tee. How freaking amazing! The post back dangles hang from a shiny gold post and feature a matte design of three different skin tones of women's hands held up in fists and in solidarity✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿 So perfect for everyday representation of women empowerment and overall badass-ness! - Post back - 4/10 heaviness
Grow A Pair Pin
Okayyyy, where are my pin girls at!? This little pin is so freaking fun and playful! She's small but mighty with this message all about standing your strength. The pin is a cartoon uterus with a cute little face and a banner stretching across that says "Grow A Pair". I mean seriously, say less 👏🏿👏🏽👏🏻  
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Venus Symbol Studs *HYPOALLERGENIC* *discounted*
$8.00 $23.00
How incredible are these handmade studs?! Not only do they make such a statement, they're also the perrrrfect pop of color! These amazing handmade and hypoallergenic, fuchsia, mirrored acrylic Venus symbol studs are bound to be one of your go-to picks for an everyday look! Please note...while still super cute, these are slightly damaged with a few scratches - so we've knocked the price down for you! - Handmade by @sydnimakes - Hypoallergenic - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
You're A Goddamn Cheetah Hoops
Inspired by the queen herself, Glennon Doyle, these adorable cheetah hoops are the perfect addition to your collection - especially for my animal-print-lovin' babes! These medium size open hoops are semi-transparent with a cheetah print layer you will LOVE! They're so classic, and perfect for everyday wear! - Open hoop - 1/10 heaviness
Dis-Able...To Do Anything Pin
Yes + amen 💛 We have multiple members of the rj team with an invisible illness, so we GET IT. + for any others out there who may be struggling in silence, we see you + believe you can do anything. This adorable pin speaks for anyone with an invisible illness + really anyone in the differently-abled community! It's a small enamel pin that says "SOME DISABILITIES ARE INVISIBLE" in black lettering on a muted yellow base, with a cool retro style outline of teal, mustard + cream stripes. Love, love, love.   P.S. the red bag featured here is our best selling Down To Earth Crossbody!
Struck By Female Empowerment Dangles
What's more powerful than lightning? How about a woman bolding embracing her self-worth. Hell👏freaking👏yes👏 These lightning bolt dangles represent everything I love about empowered women - boldness, passionate energy, strength. These neon pink lightning bolt dangles are metal, so super thin and suuuuper lightweight! They're perfect for a day when you're feeling a little bold, sassy, or channeling all your amazing feminine strength and power. - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
Bi The Way, ILY Necklace
Who doesn't love love, am I right?? 🥰 This necklace comes in either silver or gold + features a hand doing the "I love you" symbol in sign language 🤟 It's dainty, it's shiny, it's so perfect for everyday wear. You'll be spreading all the love when you wear this cutie! Which is good, because our world needs more of it! 💖 - 18" in length, fully extended P.S. the green bag featured here is our best selling Down To Earth Crossbody!
Feminism On The Rise Uterus Studs
Did you know feminism made some maaassive waves in the 1970s?? These little uterus studs are here to represent all that those women stood, fought and marched for and the impact they've had on equality + women's rights👏 These are simple, shiny gold studs of a uterus. Perfect for a minimalistic babe who still wants to make a bold statement. 💪 - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
Stay Out Of My Uterus Dangles *HYPOALLERGENIC*
I'm freaking obsesssssed with these statement earrings. They are 100% perfect for this mini collection! These acrylic hook back dangles are laser cut with fallopian tubes giving the middle finger - yyyeah, you read that right! They're shiny pink with a slightly transparent middle and best of all: HYPOALLERGENIC! These are obviously perfect for any social justice rally, event, or moment of supporting women's rights. Can I get a hell yes?! 🙌 - Hook back - 1/10 heaviness
V Is For Vulva Dangles
YESSSSS to all the vulvas! Y'all, vaginal + vulval health is so, so important as well as just having a basic understanding your female anatomy, reproductive system + sexual health! Understanding your body gives you the power to recognize signs of potential health issues of course, but also promotes positive body image, self-acceptance + appreciation for the the intricacies and beauty of your body 💖  And seriously, these vulva earrings are amazingggg! They're silver, a smidge heavy (but not too much) and to top it off, they're wildly anatomically correct 👏 What's not to love?! - Latch back -4/10 heaviness   RESOURCES: Planned Parenthood Cervical Cancer Screenings Women's Health
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