Pearls Are a Girl's Best Friend Studs
Are you freaking kidding me with this shine?? You guys are gonna die when you see how these gorgeous pearl and rhinestone studs shimmer in the sunlight! These stunning studs feature a large pearl wrapped in a band of clear rhinestones. They’re a touch fancy and perfect for glamming up an everyday look or for a day you're feeling classy! ✨ - Post back - 2/10 heaviness
Super Star Hoop + Stud Set
Just like stars in the sky, this stud + hoop set is pure perfection! They come in gold or silver, are incredibly lightweight, + are perfect for stacking or wearing solo!! Bonus idea: mismatch these for a fun spin! Perfect for 24 hours, 7 days a week! These are a total STAPLE! -Post back -1/10 on heaviness
She's A Staple Gold Necklace *GOLD FILLED*
This necklace is seriously stunninggg. The most timeless, gorgeous look! This is GOLD FILLED herring bone pattern necklace, meaning she'll look beautiful + last you a lifetime without tarnishing! So pretty + shiny, this is a classic staple gold necklace that we've got in two length options that you could dress up for a night out or business event, or throw on for a day shopping or heading to a brunch. Plus there is a sweet little charm at the end of the extender that gives it a well rounded, finished look. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! - GOLD FILLED - HYPOALLERGENIC!! - 14” - 16” with extender OR 17" - 19" with extender  
Amelia Studs
Can’t let these cute, little studs fly past! ✈️ You obvi already know who these represent. Amelia Earhart, the first woman + female aviator to fly all by herself across the Atlantic Ocean. These adorable studs are gold outlined little airplanes with an aqua blue filling in the middle. Just like Amelia, you can take these anywhere + wear them with anything! 😍 - Post back - honestly, 0/10 won't even feel them!
Bolt of Cuteness Huggie Hoops
These lightweight gold bolts are the CUTEST! They're perfect for stacking or wearing solo! They give you that minimalistic vibe but with a fun spin. They're standout small hoops, no doubt! Gold huggie hoops in the shape of a lightning bolt ⚡️ - Clasp back huggies, so they won't stab behind your ear! - 1/10 heaviness P.S. These are one of ALL TIME best sellers + keep selling outttt, so grab yours while we still have them in stock!
Over The Rainbow Studs
Lowkey lgbtq babe or ally, highkey cute!! 💓 For all my minimalistic besties, these FLATBACK studs are perfect for the gals, guys, gays + theys who wanna rock a simple look with a lil funk + fun! 🌈🎉 These studs are silver outlined and and feature a pink, orange, and blue rainbow with clouds at both ends - they also have a unique back that is more of a cap, so it won't poke making them perfecttttt for sleeping and napping in with total comfort!  🙌 They are super versatile, comfy, and basically weightless, so you can totally wear these all day, everyday!   - Flat back (no poke + super sleepable!) - 1/10 heaviness (basically weightless)
Gimme a Hug Ring
Feel the warmth of a gentle embrace with this adorable ring- available in silver + gold! Featuring two hands at each end, creating a delightful hug effect around your finger. PLUS, its size flexibility makes it suitable for everyone. As we witness heart-wrenching images of the ongoing Gaza conflict, our collective desire to comfort those affected, especially traumatized children + grieving mothers, is symbolized by this ring 🫂 Beyond nationality or religion, it’s a gesture of love, protection + healing. ❤️‍🩹 - Adjustable wrap ring - Cozy, comfy fit
An Absolute Queen Studs
You guys, these studs are literally ✨majestic✨ You'll feel like the absolute queen you are when you're wearing them! These gorgeous little studs lay like a mini ear-climber that feature a gold base with a row of rhinestones + three diamond shaped crystals evenly spaced below. You could totally wear these any + every day, but definitely if you need something to fancy up an outfit, these are the perfect choice!! - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
-67% sale
Bloom Where You're Planted Headband
$5.00 $15.00
Is this not the sweetest little headband?! So light + dainty, PERFECT for spring!! This is a super thin headband that will fit super comfortably on your head. She's blinged-out with little clear crystal beads + white daisies, with a classic yellow center, evenly spaced throughout. This is the perfect accessory to throw on when you're ready to break out the spring wardrobe!
Don't Be Late For School Stud Set
You guyyyyys, how CUTE?! These little studs are so fun and playful! This stud set comes with three gold outlined enamel earrings - a blue, purple, and yellow lunch box; a front facing classic yellow school bus; and white sneakers with two black stripes. Fair warning, they may be a little too big to stack, BUT you could totally mix and match or just enjoy having three cutie little studs to rotate through! Totally for everyday wear if you love a unique and playful stud! - Post back - 1/10 heaviness    
Gold Star For Me Star Hoops
YESSS 🤩 Absolutely loving these star hoops, they give such a classic look, but could also totally be dressed out as edgy and fun - soooo versatile! These are a midsize open star hoop that come in silver or gold, slightly thicker but not fully "chucky". These are perfect for in or out of the classroom - they would shine on any one, any day, any time!! ⭐️   - Post back - 1/10 heaviness 
Keeping It Together Paperclip Studs
OMG, let's talk about this shine for a sec!! These adorable studs are so freaking shimmery and have such a classic, elegant look while featuring something as simple as a freakin paperclip...incredible, honestly! These earrings are sweet and simple: gold with a rhinestone studded paperclip. These could be dressed up for SURE but also rocked with an edgier vibe - so versatile, what's not to love?!   - Post back - 1/10 heaviness   
On Earth Day, We Wear Green Huggie Hoops
Where are all my minimalist babes?! This one is for you 💖 This is the sweeeeetest silver huggie hoop (which means no poke!) with an itty bitty emerald green diamond shaped charm. It is literally weightless, you might forget you're wearing them! So perfect for the minimalistic look with the softest touch of color. Ugh, I'm in love! - Huggie hoop - 1/10 heaviness - seriously, they're like air! 
Sweet + Spike-y Huggie Hoops
Love. Love. Love. These huggies are so cool! Totally embodying a sweet + spicy (or spike-y) energy that lives in all of us. Can I get an AMEN!? These little huggies are a shiny fold with 3 spikes around the hoop. Super versatile, they could absolutely be dressed up or down! They'll add the perfect amount of spice to any look. ✨ - Huggie hoop - 1/10 heaviness
Balloon Animal Hoops
These ADORABLE chunky hoops have the cutest balloon animal charm! They're lightweight open hoops + the little charm just adds the cutest touch to the classic small hoop! I love how playful + childlike they are, but also how they look sophisticated + mature! SUCH a fun combo!! - Post back  - 3/10 heaviness
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