Everyday Rhinestone Cuff *GOLD FILLED*
This cuff is too cute! Very similar to our plain everyday cuff, but bedazzled! Gold cuff with magenta, cobalt, purple, orange, and green rhinestones arranged in a cool design on the cuff! Gold filled making it hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant! Creates a cartilage piercing effect with no piercing required - for all my girlies who don't have piercings, these are especially for you!
-24% sale
Holo Hearts Dangles *HYPOALLERGENIC*
$16.00 $21.00
Umm check out these absolutely freaking cute holographic earrings are handmade by @thekitschycactus! These feature one medium sized open-center heart hanging from a smaller heart stud. The is a gray-ish silver with TONS of iridescent glitter! They catch the light SO well + give a holographic feel. Sooo freaking magical! - Hypoallergenic! - Post back - 1/10 heaviness - Handmade with polymer clay
-23% sale
Hippie Icon Dangles *HYPOALLERGENIC*
$17.00 $22.00
This. Girl. I'm obsessed with her entire essence 🤩 An iconic hippie queeeeen. She just embodies freedom and an entire "IDGAF what society expects of me" attitude and I'm living for it. These super badass dangles hang from a silver hook and feature a gorgous woman's face, smoking, with blue feather earrings, a headband, incredible circular sunnies, and red strips through her hair. Let's all just be her, yeah??? ✌️ - HYPOALLERGENIC - Hook back - 2.5/10 heaviness 
I'm A Freaking Badass Necklace *GOLD DIPPED*
Y'ALL. Stop your scroll because I'M OBSESSED, and I'm pretty sure you will be too! This necklace is GOLD DIPPED which means it'll be tarnish free longer than many other gold items in your life! It's SO dainty but still clearly has a badass vibe, and it's a totally dress-up-or-down piece! This necklace says "badass" in all cap letters and hangs on a dainty, 16-inch gold chain. It comes with an extender, as well, making it more accessible for us babes with bigger necks!
Viva La Vulva Necklace *GOLD FILLED*
Yes + amen to women's reproductive health in all cycle + phases!! 🙌 Especially during the menstrual cycle where we’re feeling all sorts of things. Got a vulva? Probs means you've got a cervix, too. And that means there is risk of cervical cancer. GOOD NEWS: Routine pap smears are a great way to pick up early detection when treatments for cervical cancer would be most effective. Be empowered + take a proactive role in your own cervical health by simply scheduling an annual exam! Need help, or not sure where to start? Check out the links below! 👇🏻👇🏽👇🏿 This stunning necklace is a sweet representation of women's reproductive health. The necklace is all gold with a handmade pendant that is wire twisted into a vulva shape hanging on a classic gold-filled (aka tarnish resistant + hypoallergenic!) chain. We sourced these HANDMADE from GERMANY, y'all! It's simplistic, minimal, and honestly so, so pretty! The perfect way to honor + feel empowered by your body✨ - 17.5” in length. Doesn’t include an extender but let us know at checkout + we’ll put one for you!    RESOURCES: Planned Parenthood Cervical Cancer Screenings (Schedule a Pap Smear) Women's Health
Dripping In Crystals Huggie Hoops *GOLD DIPPED*
How cuuuute are these huggies! Cute + also super classy. These are a fancied up huggie hoop that come in gold or silver + feature three little dangle charms of clear gemstone crystals. Since they're perfect for absolutely any look, these are sure to be your new favorite go-to pair!  - HYPOALLERGENIC - Huggie hoop - 1/10 heaviness  
Dainty Double Moon Ring *GOLD FILLED*
Seriously, I'm over the moon for this ring! 🌙💖 So cute + dainty, this beauty is gold filled, meaning she's super high quality, will NEVER tarnish + should last foreverrrr. The ring is adjustable, so it'll fit any ring size + any finger, which makes it extra versatile. PLUS since it's so tiny, it's absolutely perfect for stacking! 🙌 Damn, for such a tiny ring, there is just so much to love! The ring features a simple thin gold band with two crescent moons meeting in the front, but not touching - one moon is solid gold, the other is rhinestone studded. So. Beautiful.  
Ready To Rock Necklace *GOLD DIPPED*
Let's rock🤘 Edgy + cute, this necklace is perfect for embracing your inner badass! This is a light gold pendant necklace that hangs on a thicker chain, the pendant is the rock-on hand symbol that sits on an oval backing. It's so perfect + versatile! PLUS this chain is gold filled + the pendant is gold dipped! Which means this baby is hypoallergenic + will last you a lifetime without tarnishing or turning your skin green! Honestly, bless! 🙌 P.S. these would be PERFECT to pair with our Rock On! Studs, check them out! - HYPOALLERGENIC! - Gold dipped - 20” in length, there is no extender but leave us a note at checkout if you'd like us to add one!
Butterfly Barbie Dangles *HYPOALLERGENIC*
THE CUTEST BUTTERFLIES THO! 🤩🦋 These a more of a minimalistic Barbie-vibe + so perfect if you have little ones or just love a simple dangle! These are transparent (but tinted!) plastic, textured butterflies that hang from a hypoallergenic hook + have the coolest iridescent tint! We have two color options, red or pink. So so cute, perfect for absolutely any day + any casual look!    - HYPOALLERGENIC!! - Hook back - 1/10 heaviness  
Glammy Ear Climbers *WHITE GOLD DIPPED*
Minimalistic + oh-so-cute!! Who doesn't love a good ear climber?! Not to mention one that is WHITE GOLD DIPPED (making it hypoallergenic + easy to war for all the babes with sensitive ears) 🙌 Plusssss this baby is rhinestone studdedddd + has a  stunning shine. This could so easily be dressed up or down, making it perfect for any + every look! Ultimate versatility for the winnnn!!   - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
Notorious RBG Dangles *HYPOALLERGENIC*
Another RJ EXCLUSIVE earring from Born 2 Blossom Designs!! These gorgeous dangles are inspired by RBG, a literal icon when it comes to women empowerment. These dangles are all gold everywhere and feature a shiny gold cut out of RBG's iconicccc collar hanging from a gold chain. "As women achieve power, the barriers will fall. As society sees what women can do, as women see what women can do, there will be more women out there doing things, and we'll all be better off for it.” - Ruth Bater Ginsburg. Yes & amen! - Post back - 2/10 heaviness
She's A Staple Gold Necklace *GOLD FILLED*
This necklace is seriously stunninggg. The most timeless, gorgeous look! This is GOLD FILLED herring bone pattern necklace, meaning she'll look beautiful + last you a lifetime without tarnishing! So pretty + shiny, this is a classic staple gold necklace that we've got in two length options that you could dress up for a night out or business event, or throw on for a day shopping or heading to a brunch. Plus there is a sweet little charm at the end of the extender that gives it a well rounded, finished look. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! - GOLD FILLED - HYPOALLERGENIC!! - 14” - 16” with extender OR 17" - 19" with extender  
Women Who Fight Together Stay Together Dangles *HYPOALLERGENIC*
I am SO excited about these roziejune EXCLUSIVE earrings from Born to Blossom Designs! These incredible dangles are inspired by this RJ tee. How freaking amazing! The post back dangles hang from a shiny gold post and feature a matte design of three different skin tones of women's hands held up in fists and in solidarity✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿 So perfect for everyday representation of women empowerment and overall badass-ness! - Post back - 4/10 heaviness
Crystal Queen Huggie Hoops (HYPOALLERGENIC)
These dainty silver huggie hoops are perfeeect for embracing the final phase of your cycle—the luteal phase. ☁️ Right around the time when we feel more tired than ever, energy is waaaay down + mood is bleh. 🥱 A fuss-free minimal piece where 0 braincell is required literallyyyyy an earcandy you can sleep in everyday. ✨ Nothing dangly, nothing getting in the way. Simple, cute silver huggie hoops lined with clear rhinestones + a pretty stone hanging down. Hypoallergenic + gold-dipped too so you won’t ever lose your sparkle! 👏 - huggie hoops - 1/10 heaviness
Edgy Rebel Huggie Hoops (HYPOALLERGENIC)
Don’t judge an earring by its spikes! 😜 They may look sharp AF but trust ussss, these will keep your ears safe. 🥰 Name something better than hypoallergenic huggie hoops, we’ll wait. Gotta love the little spikes on these spunky silver huggie hoops! They’re a lil edgy + are full of attitude even as a minimal piece. IDK about you but when I‘m PMS-ing, I feel a lil spiky + prickly like “pls dont talk to me” so these def understood the assignment. 😂 The rhinestones go all the way + these look stunning solo, stacked, however you choose to rock it!! - huggie hoops - 1/10 heaviness
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