All Boobies Are Good Boobies Huggies
From the itty bitty society to big ones, 👏 ALL boobies are GOOD boobies 👏 can we get an ameeeeeeen??! These are precious little boob-shaped earrings with gold edging on huggie hoops. SO CUTE. Sooo on theme. 🥰 The boobs are pale pink in color with the cutest golden nip slip in the middle. A subtle boob earring for our minimalistic feminist girlies! ✨ - Huggies - 1/10 heaviness
All Tits Matter Dangles
Ooookay, can we just take a second....because these dangles are so👏 incredible👏 We couldn’t NOT bring these back! Not only a gorgeous representation of the female body on and off the menstrual cycle, but also a reminder of the immense importance of breast cancer awareness! Did you know breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women? Did you also know that thanks to early detection, the survival rate for localized breast cancer is upwards of 99%?! Y'ALL. It costs nothing to give yourself an at-home exam regularly. But also SCHEDULE THAT MAMMOGRAM, especially if you know breast cancer runs in the fam. It could literally save your life (+ your tatas!!) Check out the resources below for more info! 👇🏻👇🏽👇🏿 Oh, and these stunning dangles? Yeah they come in gold or silver and feature a simple, gorgeous silhouette of boobs. And honestly - I'm SO here for it!  - Hook back - 1/10 heaviness   RESOURCES: Planned Parenthood Breast Cancer Screening (Schedule a Mammogram) Women's Health
Balanced State Of Mind Huggie Hoops
So much of ovulation is the harmony of masculine + feminine energy….we just had to bring these back! 🙌🌸 Yin-yang is a beautiful reminder that being in balance, being connected to both intensity + softness, fierceness + gentleness is a dream and something to work towards. ✨ These earrings are made up of black + white rhinestone yin-yangs hanging from a gold huggie hoops. They're small, perfect for stacking, plus they weigh basically nothing, so they're a lovely go-to piece to style however you'd like!! - Huggie hoop - 2.5/10 heaviness
By The Light Of The Moon Tote
You guysssss, this tote is so freaking stunning, am I right?? It's a gorgeous dark black color + featuring the moon in all of her glorious phases, twinkling stars, plusssss stunning flowing wildflowers all around the border in an almost watercolor-style. SO FREAKING CUTE! Perfect for everyday use, farmers market trips or to your fav bookstore! It's even more beautiful in person, I'm telling ya! 
Counting Stars Necklace
Tell me are these not next level STUNNINGGG?? 💕 Obsessed with the way this asymmetrical necklace comes around with the cutest little twinkling star accents + crescent moon in the middle. 🤩 Plus, the romantic chain hanging down adds that touch of sexiness we could all use during our menstruation phase (peak hot mess anyone? Coz same! 🙋‍♀️🥲). This necklace comes in gold + silver and lets you be as playful as you want: make it drop down further for a classy look or shorter like a choker for that smexy vibe! - 17” length. Up to 19” with an extender.
Crystal Queen Huggie Hoops (HYPOALLERGENIC)
These dainty silver huggie hoops are perfeeect for embracing the final phase of your cycle—the luteal phase. ☁️ Right around the time when we feel more tired than ever, energy is waaaay down + mood is bleh. 🥱 A fuss-free minimal piece where 0 braincell is required literallyyyyy an earcandy you can sleep in everyday. ✨ Nothing dangly, nothing getting in the way. Simple, cute silver huggie hoops lined with clear rhinestones + a pretty stone hanging down. Hypoallergenic + gold-dipped too so you won’t ever lose your sparkle! 👏 - huggie hoops - 1/10 heaviness
Edgy Rebel Huggie Hoops (HYPOALLERGENIC)
Don’t judge an earring by its spikes! 😜 They may look sharp AF but trust ussss, these will keep your ears safe. 🥰 Name something better than hypoallergenic huggie hoops, we’ll wait. Gotta love the little spikes on these spunky silver huggie hoops! They’re a lil edgy + are full of attitude even as a minimal piece. IDK about you but when I‘m PMS-ing, I feel a lil spiky + prickly like “pls dont talk to me” so these def understood the assignment. 😂 The rhinestones go all the way + these look stunning solo, stacked, however you choose to rock it!! - huggie hoops - 1/10 heaviness
Flower Child Daisy Dangles
These are the sweetest daisy dangles! So feminine + lively, they are totally giving follicular phase vibes ✌️ ICYDK, the follicular phase comes right after the menstrual phase. A time where excitement + energy are at an all. 👏 time. 👏 high. Does that ring Spring?? These dangles hang from a shiny gold hook that feature four small white daisies with yellow centers. So cute + perfect for any look on a spring or summer day. These are also a PERFECT pairing with our Grow With The Flow Necklace! - CAN BE MADE HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a note at checkout! - Hook back - 1/10  
Force To Be Reckoned With Necklace
Sorry not sorryyyyy but we’re heavy on the cute necklaces this collection! 😌 All gold errthang, this lightning bolt necklace inspired by the follicular phase is a whole mood: fun, brilliant + the lightning charm itself has this brushstroke effect to it. ⚡️ Real cuteeee + flexible on how high or low you want to wear it. Layer or keep it as it is, this necklace is gonna be your staple! 🙌 - 18” length. 21” with the extender
Gold Goddess Huggie Hoops
The phase we love and hate, but also love to hate. 😜🤣 These vintage-inspired coin earrings symbolize the menstruation phase, the most recognizable phase of em all. 🩸 If you look closely, these golden coin dangles have rhinestones + special stamping on them with one side having the hand above the moon and the other, the hand at the bottom. 🌙 Spiritually cool piece reminding us to appreciate how in tune our menstrual cycle helps us be with ourself. There’s beauty in each phase just like there’s beauty in all sides of this stunning necklace! ✨ - huggie hoops - 1/10 heaviness
Grounded In Moonlight Dangles
You can never go wrong with a classic, crescent moon charm with rhinestones all over. 🌙  Simple, straightforward but oh so classy. ✨ This piece is really, reallyyyyyy thin + lightweight. An all-around huggie hoops you can wear to anything + get compliments like there’s no tomorrow. 👏 - CAN BE MADE HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a note at checkout!  - Hook back - 1/10 heaviness  
In My Goddess Era Dangles
Hold uuuuup, these big, fab statement dangles aren't gonna be for everyone but 100% sure some of you are gonna be obsessed! 🙌😍 This is a multicolored peacock wing-shaped post made out of large rhinestones with a thick golden bar hanging down. Sooo loud + freakin fantastic you cannot tell me these do not scream, “I‘m ready to fucking party!”. 💃 You can wear this to something fancy but also wear it with a jean jacket, black leather jacket like yaaaas go pair it with a beanie if you want. Srsly, stay too glam to give a damn. 😘 - Post back - 5/10 heaviness
Led By My Soul Necklace
Oh myyyyyyy. If there’s a necklace that would make us all gasp collectively, this is THE one! 💗 Let’s breakdown the gorgeous details. This necklace has a shiny gold chain + a round charm with a white marbled background. Inside is a beautiful outline of an eye with a clear crystal in the center for the iris. 👁️ The edges are covered in rhinestones with a lil bit of gold shine peeking through. ✨ You can’t fully see it in the photos but the chain is such a work of art + has these small bars spaced out evenly all the way making it stand out. 😍  
Not One To Mention But I Made It Out Of Bed Pin
Sometimes, we just need a gentle pat on the back + a positive affirmation to remind us of the badass we are during our menstrual cycle (cries in hormones 🥹). If there’s a pin I would want to carry around for when I’m on my period, it’s 100% this one. ❤️ This pin is shaped like a banner signage in soft pink with black lettering that says, “Not one to brag but I made it out of bed” + cute flowers sprouting in the corners. 🌸 Not a lot knows what to do with pins but honestly, skies the limit coz you can pop them into just about anything. We’re talking bags, jean jackets, guitar straps, hats, wallets, lanyards….basically anything you wanna make extra cute. 😉  
Oopsie Daisy Cutout Hoops
Gimmeee simplicity. Gimmeeee floral. Gimmeeeee minimal but with a twist! 🌸😘 These are gold hoops carrying cute little flower cutouts with a hole in the middle. They are precious, simple hoops with minimal design + maximum versatility. These pair well with anything + are perfect transition pieces for our minimalist babes who wanna up their basic earrings game. 💯💕 - Latchback - 1/10 heaviness
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