I'm A Freaking Badass Necklace *GOLD DIPPED*
Y'ALL. Stop your scroll because I'M OBSESSED, and I'm pretty sure you will be too! This necklace is GOLD DIPPED which means it'll be tarnish free longer than many other gold items in your life! It's SO dainty but still clearly has a badass vibe, and it's a totally dress-up-or-down piece! This necklace says "badass" in all cap letters and hangs on a dainty, 16-inch gold chain. It comes with an extender, as well, making it more accessible for us babes with bigger necks!
Stay Sharp Necklace
This necklace...I'm honestly obsessed!! This gold chain necklace is so incredibly well made, and so realistic - the design is 3D-ish and mimics pencil shavings from a freshly sharpened pencil with a bright red outline. The detail is just beautiful, you will love it! The necklace is 17" standard or 20" with the extender. It sits on a soft, dainty chain and could totally be dressed up or down - you are not limited to wearing this in the classroom, that's for sure!🤩 - Lobster clasp - 1/10 heaviness 
-23% sale
We Are One Necklace
$17.00 $22.00
Spread love + healing with this sweet necklace! 🌎💚 The thin chain supports a flat globe cutout pendant that’s available in 2 classic colors: silver or gold. It holds a timely reminder that there’s no superior race, religion or nationality for we are all EQUAL. Every individual deserves kindness, love + respect. May this understated piece symbolize our shared hope for healing in the face of occupation, dictatorship, war + other injustices— reminding us that our differences should be bridges, not barriers.  - Lobster clasp - 18” length, 20” with the extender  - 100% love for planet earth + all her inhabitants💚
Make Love, Not War Necklace
Soooo digging this statement necklace! It's so beautiful and bold, yet so versatile it could go with literally any outfit and vibe. This is a gold box chain necklace with a stuningggg rhinestone studed hand making the classic peace ✌️ sign. It's just so fucking awesome, honestly.  - Lobster clasp - 17” or 20” with extender
Viva La Vulva Necklace *GOLD FILLED*
Yes + amen to women's reproductive health in all cycle + phases!! 🙌 Especially during the menstrual cycle where we’re feeling all sorts of things. Got a vulva? Probs means you've got a cervix, too. And that means there is risk of cervical cancer. GOOD NEWS: Routine pap smears are a great way to pick up early detection when treatments for cervical cancer would be most effective. Be empowered + take a proactive role in your own cervical health by simply scheduling an annual exam! Need help, or not sure where to start? Check out the links below! 👇🏻👇🏽👇🏿 This stunning necklace is a sweet representation of women's reproductive health. The necklace is all gold with a handmade pendant that is wire twisted into a vulva shape hanging on a classic gold-filled (aka tarnish resistant + hypoallergenic!) chain. We sourced these HANDMADE from GERMANY, y'all! It's simplistic, minimal, and honestly so, so pretty! The perfect way to honor + feel empowered by your body✨ - 17.5” in length. Doesn’t include an extender but let us know at checkout + we’ll put one for you!    RESOURCES: Planned Parenthood Cervical Cancer Screenings (Schedule a Pap Smear) Women's Health
Knot Playin' Necklace
Soooo much to love about this necklace, where to even begin!?  For starters, it's just really freakin beautiful + has a herring bone pattern chain which is so unique! PLUS it's versatile! It can either be worn knotted, or not + both looks are gorgeous!! The necklace is silver has several strands extending from a shiny silver cylinder base near the clasp. So prettyyyy! 🤩 - Lobster clasp - 3/10 heaviness  
Bi The Way, ILY Necklace
Who doesn't love love, am I right?? 🥰 This necklace comes in either silver or gold + features a hand doing the "I love you" symbol in sign language 🤟 It's dainty, it's shiny, it's so perfect for everyday wear. You'll be spreading all the love when you wear this cutie! Which is good, because our world needs more of it! 💖 - 18" in length, fully extended P.S. the green bag featured here is our best selling Down To Earth Crossbody!
Seal With It Necklace
Are seals not the cutest little creatures! UGH. Even if you don't think so IRL, can we at least agree this little seal charm necklace is the cutest everrrr? ✨🦭 This necklace is a decently long dainty gold chain that features the sweetest little shiny gold flat seal charm. It is cute as can beeeee + just gives me all the warm, fuzzy feelings! It'll be sure to add a playful touch to any look! - 18" length fully extended  
Ready To Rock Necklace *GOLD DIPPED*
Let's rock🤘 Edgy + cute, this necklace is perfect for embracing your inner badass! This is a light gold pendant necklace that hangs on a thicker chain, the pendant is the rock-on hand symbol that sits on an oval backing. It's so perfect + versatile! PLUS this chain is gold filled + the pendant is gold dipped! Which means this baby is hypoallergenic + will last you a lifetime without tarnishing or turning your skin green! Honestly, bless! 🙌 P.S. these would be PERFECT to pair with our Rock On! Studs, check them out! - HYPOALLERGENIC! - Gold dipped - 20” in length, there is no extender but leave us a note at checkout if you'd like us to add one!
Bend, But Don't Break Necklace
How cute is this little bamboo necklace! Did you know bamboo is one of the strongest materials on earth - I can't think of anything more perfect to represent your own personal strength! 💪🏻💪🏽💪🏿 This is a bar necklace with the bar being a little 1" (ish) piece of bamboo that sits on a dainty gold chain. It's just so sweet, pretty + so representative of natural strength + beauty!✨ - Lobster clasp  - 1/10 heaviness
-30% sale
Soda Pop Top Necklace
$14.00 $20.00
  Immediately craving an ice cold coke...obviously from a glass bottle (the besssst ammiright? 🙌) Seriouly, this necklace is mouthwatering, thats how much I love it! It's pendant necklace on a yellow gold box chain that features an aqua blue coke bottle top pendant that says "Coke" in the classic letting in the prettiest pink. It is SO cute + so satisfying + so perfect for any look on a hot summer day! - 20" in length - NO EXTENDER AVAILABLE  
She's A Staple Gold Necklace *GOLD FILLED*
This necklace is seriously stunninggg. The most timeless, gorgeous look! This is GOLD FILLED herring bone pattern necklace, meaning she'll look beautiful + last you a lifetime without tarnishing! So pretty + shiny, this is a classic staple gold necklace that we've got in two length options that you could dress up for a night out or business event, or throw on for a day shopping or heading to a brunch. Plus there is a sweet little charm at the end of the extender that gives it a well rounded, finished look. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! - GOLD FILLED - HYPOALLERGENIC!! - 14” - 16” with extender OR 17" - 19" with extender  
Better Together Dainty Necklace
Can you evennnn? I'm in love with this necklace! This gorgeous super dainty, gold-chain necklace with multi-color gems is inspired by the idea that our differences + unique experiences combined are what makes us all better together 🤝 Wearing this just makes you wanna celebrate the human being that you are + the beautiful ones you're surrounded by!! 🥰 -15.5" in length with extender This piece is part of a collection inspired by the Enneagram! The Enneagram suggests that there are nine lenses through which we may see and experience the world. While no one can be boxed into a "type" or "number" to describe our full inner world, having some language for what it's like to be us is powerful & life-changing! 💛 Do you know your type, want to find out, or just want to learn more about the Enneagram? Click here for a free guide + intro to the Enneagram!
Slow + Steady Necklace
I cannot express how happy this makes me feel inside because yessss, that is a sloth! 🦥 Fall is one of those times to shut down, decompress, + prepare for hibernation which makes this silver dainty chain necklace a precious reminder to just take your time, settle in, + relax! This is a bar necklace style with the bar being a sweet sliver sloth laying on a branch. Uhh, it just feels right to bring this little guy in to keep you company on days you’re feeling slothful. 💛 - Silver chain - 19” with extender
Crystal Clarity Necklace
What a gem! 💎 LITERALLY. This necklace carries the prettiest amethyst stone in a regal deep purple shade with the daintiest, gold chain!! Plus I am loving the shape, it’s so unique - a hexagon point crystal that represents serenity + calmness + cleanliness + purity 🕊️💛 This piece is truly jam-packed with beautiful energy which is so perf, beacuse do we not all need more clarity + peace in our lives?? Yes + amen! The gemstone shape will slightly vary from stone to stone which makes it all the more special as each one will feel like it’s made just for you!! 😍 - 18” - 19” in length with extender
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