Ms. Frizzle Knows Best Dangles
I mean pleeeeeaase, who doesn't love Ms. Frizzle? A queen, a literal icon. We love. These super fun acrylic dangles showcase Ms. Frizzle (and her class' pet chameleon, Liz) with one of her most famous lines: "TAKE CHANCES, MAKE MISTAKES, GET MESSY" in purple, green, and aqua respectively, all hanging from a circular glittery purple iridescent post. These are so sweet and fun, perfect for anyone teaching, working with, or raising little ones - or anyone who love tapping into their creative side! - Post back - 1/10 heaviness  
Balloon Animal Hoops
These ADORABLE chunky hoops have the cutest balloon animal charm! They're lightweight open hoops + the little charm just adds the cutest touch to the classic small hoop! I love how playful + childlike they are, but also how they look sophisticated + mature! SUCH a fun combo!! - Post back  - 3/10 heaviness
Out Of This World Dangles
I cannotttt - these are so gorgeous!! Totally perfect for all our science teachers or lovers of space and the celestial word who wanna stay ✨hella✨ classy! These beautiful gold dangles hang from a four-pointed star and feature a rhinestone circle outline with a solid gold ring running across (like, totally giving Saturn vibes) and some adorable little twinkle stars inside the circle of the "planet". So fun but not too wild - they're an easy, simple, lightweight way to add some fun any outfit!   - Post back - 1/10 heaviness  
-24% sale
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Dangles
$16.00 $21.00
UGH, this one gets me right in the childhood 💛🥰 How suh-weeeeet are these dangles!! They're a double layered acrylic dangle with the bottom layer being a glitter green and the top lager being a exaaacttt replica of the children's classic The Very Hungry Caterpillar hanging by his tail in a little squiggle. I LOVE IT!! These are so freaking cute and such a perfect reminder of the beauty that comes from growth and development - may be all be as hungry for growth as this little guy and develop into beautiful butterflies!   - Hook back - 1/10 heaviness  
Keeping It Together Paperclip Studs
OMG, let's talk about this shine for a sec!! These adorable studs are so freaking shimmery and have such a classic, elegant look while featuring something as simple as a freakin paperclip...incredible, honestly! These earrings are sweet and simple: gold with a rhinestone studded paperclip. These could be dressed up for SURE but also rocked with an edgier vibe - so versatile, what's not to love?!   - Post back - 1/10 heaviness   
Gold Star For Me Star Hoops
YESSS 🤩 Absolutely loving these star hoops, they give such a classic look, but could also totally be dressed out as edgy and fun - soooo versatile! These are a midsize open star hoop that come in silver or gold, slightly thicker but not fully "chucky". These are perfect for in or out of the classroom - they would shine on any one, any day, any time!! ⭐️   - Post back - 1/10 heaviness 
-24% sale
Reading Is Dreaming Dangles
$16.00 $21.00
A book lover's dream 📚💖 These acrylic dangles are so freaking sweet + I cannot get enough! These cuties hang from a gorgeous deep magenta circular post + feature an open pastel pink book with the sweetest wildflowers growing up from the book with the words " READING IS DREAMING" over the flowers. It is just the sweetest statement piece ever! Perfect for book lovers, teachers + dreamers everywhere ✨ - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
Take A Chill Pill Studs
Anyone else need a freakin' chill pill 🙋‍♀️😂 Or wish their kids would take a chill pill every once in a while! Well, your prescription has been filled!! These studs are for those of us who appreciate + need a little relaxation or break from the craziness of life. They're cute minimalistic studs of light blue + white medicine bottles that say "Rx Chill Pills". Such a cute + fun minimalistic statement stud! - Post back - 0/10 heaviness
Don't Be Late For School Stud Set
You guyyyyys, how CUTE?! These little studs are so fun and playful! This stud set comes with three gold outlined enamel earrings - a blue, purple, and yellow lunch box; a front facing classic yellow school bus; and white sneakers with two black stripes. Fair warning, they may be a little too big to stack, BUT you could totally mix and match or just enjoy having three cutie little studs to rotate through! Totally for everyday wear if you love a unique and playful stud! - Post back - 1/10 heaviness    
Happiest Hair Clips
Seriously though, these are so 👏 freaking 👏 happy 👏😄 These cutie hair clips come in a set of 2. They're good quality, small metal clips the features a classic yellow smiley face. I meannnnn they're so fucking cute! You can't NOT smile with these in your hair! PLUS the back details of the smiley face are engraved into the clip so they'll be so much less likely to fade or chip away. BLESS 🙌  
-15% sale
You Set The Bar High Dangles
$18.00 $21.00
Okay, these are so freaking unique, I'm obsessed!!! 🤩 These could be edgy, these could casual, these could be fancy...these can and will fit with anything you need them to! They're design is super unique and comes in a gold or silver option - it features a small horozinal bar post with a simple chain that hooks to each end of the bar and hangs down in a loop - I've never seen anything like them, which makes me even more in lovvve! - Post back - 1/10 heaviness  
Beary Sweet Hair Clip
It's soooo sweeeeeeet 🤗🧸✨ This hair clip is on a gold base with a row of gummy bears lined up in the color of the rainbow. What else is there to say? It's 10/10 adorable, 10/10 functional. It's the yummiest, must-have hair accessory!!  
BRB, Blowing Bubbles Dangles
O. M. G. These are so flipping funnnnn! Not only are these colorful unique statement dangles, THEY ARE ACTUAL BUBBLE FILLERS, Y'ALL! Like, fill 'em up with bubble soap + when you need a little break or extra fun in your day, just pull 'em out + start blowing those bubbles! They bring so much freaking joyyyy, it's unreal! These are super lightweight (well, depending on how much filler you have inside!) they come on a silver hook, with a little star accent on the bottle cap then a long transparent cylinder container that you can fill with bubble soap. There are also three color options: blue, yellow, or green (all neon tinted!). It's seriously impossible not feel happy sporting these!  - CAN BE MADE HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a note at checkout! - Hook back - 2/10 (unless they're full!) - 10/10 fun
Converse Sneaker Bag
Is it just the millennial in me or is this bag SCREAMING inner child?! 🤩 Seriously, I'm obsessed! This fun statement bag is mimicking the top of a black Converse sneaker  (featuring laces + all!!) + it's a moooood. This is a one pocket bag, perfect for toting around any necessities you need for a fun day or night out. The bag has a removable black strap which you could totally swap out, plus you could swap out the shoelaces for any others you have + love!  - 42" strap, fully extended
-30% sale
Soda Pop Top Necklace
$14.00 $20.00
  Immediately craving an ice cold coke...obviously from a glass bottle (the besssst ammiright? 🙌) Seriouly, this necklace is mouthwatering, thats how much I love it! It's pendant necklace on a yellow gold box chain that features an aqua blue coke bottle top pendant that says "Coke" in the classic letting in the prettiest pink. It is SO cute + so satisfying + so perfect for any look on a hot summer day! - 20" in length - NO EXTENDER AVAILABLE  
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