No Rain, No Rainbows Sunnies
Okay, I cannotttt with these sunnies!! They are so freaking playful and fun! These amazing sunnies come in FOUR lens color options: black tinted, yellow tinted, soft pink tinted, or a light brown tint, they are gold framed large round lenses that feature a thinly striped, classically colored rainbow across the top of each eye - I am obsesssssed. These are perfect year-round as the cutest statement piece! 
Heart Sunnies
HOLD THE PHONE - DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE!? Heart sunnies in FOUR different colors!! + lemme tell you, they are even cuter in person (if that's possible). These heart-shaped lenses come in BLACK, RED, LIGHT PINK, or WHITE! Plus, just because they're cute doesn't mean they're not practical! These babies are UV protecting, durable, + can totally be worn year-round! 😎💖
Living in Color Blue Light Glasses
You guysssss. I am freaking obsessed with these frames! For starters, this ombre rainbow pattern is LITERAL perfection 🌈🤩 The frames are also so unique in their style with a partially open side. Plus these are blue light glasses! So not only are they a cute-ass addition to any outfit but also SO practical for when you're spending lots of time looking at a's a win-win-winnn! These are super colorful, super fun, and super freakingggg cool!  
Iconic Barbie Sunnies
Yes, pleasssseee to these sunnies! So cute + colorful, these are fun retro style sunnies that are giving major Barbie vibes! A sweet soft pink, funky geometric shape lens + pink tinted shades. So super cute!!  - NOTE: these sunnies measure just under 5" across, so a little smaller on your face. They are perfect for kids!!
Let's Rave Neon Sunnies
Ummm hold the phone, because I'm obsesssssedd with these sunnies! 🤩 So fun + electric, these sunnies will have you rave-ready with their neon green frames + almost purple-ish tinted lenses! Super vibrant, lightweight + colorful, these sunnies aren't just giving off party vibes...they are BRINGING the party! 😎 P.S. We paired these sunnies with our Stellar Stadium Bag + it is a vibe ✌️ Check it out!  
-30% sale
Chic, Not Basic Sunnies
$17.00 $24.00
PLSS, these are perfect 🤩😎 These are giving sooo much timeless elegance + vintage fashionista babe vibes. LOVE! These sunnnies have bright white half-frames, with the top of the lenses having just a gorgeous silver chrome edging. The lenses are also super dark, so they're not just a cute fashion statement...also genuinely super functional! These are a good quality, too! Wins all around! Note: these may fit tight if you have a naturally wider or rounder face, still hella cute but just a heads up if that's not your vibe!  - P.S. We paired these sunnies with our Stellar Stadium Bag + it's a perfect patch! Check it out!
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