Out Of This World Dangles
I cannotttt - these are so gorgeous!! Totally perfect for all our science teachers or lovers of space and the celestial word who wanna stay ✨hella✨ classy! These beautiful gold dangles hang from a four-pointed star and feature a rhinestone circle outline with a solid gold ring running across (like, totally giving Saturn vibes) and some adorable little twinkle stars inside the circle of the "planet". So fun but not too wild - they're an easy, simple, lightweight way to add some fun any outfit!   - Post back - 1/10 heaviness  
Gold Star For Me Star Hoops
YESSS 🤩 Absolutely loving these star hoops, they give such a classic look, but could also totally be dressed out as edgy and fun - soooo versatile! These are a midsize open star hoop that come in silver or gold, slightly thicker but not fully "chucky". These are perfect for in or out of the classroom - they would shine on any one, any day, any time!! ⭐️   - Post back - 1/10 heaviness 
Lunar Eclipse Statement Studs
Talk about boho! These are 100% boho meets glammmm 🤩🌙✨ These gorgeous statement studs are gold based crescent moons, outlined in rhinestones with little dangles of stars + rhinestones dripping off the moon. I MEAN, COME ONNN. So glam, so freaking cute! Plus they fit really comfortably on your ears even for being a larger stud. What's not to love?! - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
Stay Weird Alien Dangles
Because aliens are def real!! 👀 Seriously though, these are great for a fun pop of green any time of year! These martian heads are made of acrylic and hang from an earring hook. - Hook back -2/10 heaviness
Sorry, Not Sorry Dangles
 O. M. G. Are these not the most incredible statement earrings?? These are as bold as it gets + I'm obsesssssed! These GIANT dangles feature four interlocked flat-ish chain links that are a classic black + white checkered pattern. Each link does have a small slit so you could (at your own risk!) remove some of the links if you wanted a mildly less bold look. They are so freaking fun + playful! Plus since they're a classic pattern they go with everythinggg! Wins all around! 🙌 - Post back - 6/10 heaviness 
Basically Beautiful Threader
I have a literal obsession with these threaders. Like...are they not stuningggg? 🤩 These are super dainty + sweet, plus so lightweight it practically feels like nothing on your ears! These come in a gorgeous rose gold or a classic siver. The base of the threader (+ the part that goes through your ear) is a small spike - put that through your piercing hole + thread the thin chain through until the little "x" hits your lobe. SO CUTE! Simple, sweet, unique, timeless...need I go on?! These are a must have!! - Threader - 1/10 heaviness   Perfect for stacking! We paired them with our Keeping It Classic Silver Huggie Hoops...so cute! Check 'em out!
Iconic 90s Dangles *HYPOALLERGENIC*
Obsessed. There are no other words to describe how I feel!! These handmade cuties are giving me all the 90s skater girl vibes! 🤘 These hang from a neon green alien head post with a black + white checkered arch dangling below, at the base of each arch there is a separately danging charm, one side is a hot pink lightning bolt, the other is a bright yellow smiley! Just a loud, fun, energetic statement piece that you're gonna love! So fun, so edgy, sooooo 90s + all the good things! - HYPOALLERGENIC!! - Handmade by @born2blossomdesigns - Post back - 2.5/10 heaviness   NOTE: This is a pre-sale product! Please expect a delay in shipping as this product is made-to-order.
Weird + Wonderful Pin
I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying @ how freaking perfect this little pin is! This enamel pin is a litte name tag that says, "HELLO, I'M weird + wonderful". Plsssss, not only is it it's adorable + the sweetest accent shade of light blue (almost mint!), it's also the perfect expression of embodying, celebrating, representing proudly our weird + wonderful selves 💛
Sk8er Girl Hair Clip
Let's all take a moment and honor our punk queen Avril Lavigne with these cute ass hair clips. I mean SRSLY, I can't get enough! Not only are these super nice quality (not to mention practical!) clips, but they're also so freaking cute! These acrylic black + white checkered wavy clips will add some spunk to ANY look! 🤩🤘🖤
Let's Rave Neon Sunnies
Ummm hold the phone, because I'm obsesssssedd with these sunnies! 🤩 So fun + electric, these sunnies will have you rave-ready with their neon green frames + almost purple-ish tinted lenses! Super vibrant, lightweight + colorful, these sunnies aren't just giving off party vibes...they are BRINGING the party! 😎 P.S. We paired these sunnies with our Stellar Stadium Bag + it is a vibe ✌️ Check it out!  
Large + In Charge Necklace
Ummm, did someone say neon?! Because OMG at this neon necklace! The color is seriously unbelievable + so incredibly fun! It's a chunky chain link style necklace with bright, neon yellow links. You could totally rock this with loud earrings for an extra bold look, or pair it with simple studs + let this necklace be your statement piece! So bright, colorful + perfect for all you bold ass queens! - Lobster clasp - 3/10 heaviness  
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