Gimme a Hug Ring
Feel the warmth of a gentle embrace with this adorable ring- available in silver + gold! Featuring two hands at each end, creating a delightful hug effect around your finger. PLUS, its size flexibility makes it suitable for everyone. As we witness heart-wrenching images of the ongoing Gaza conflict, our collective desire to comfort those affected, especially traumatized children + grieving mothers, is symbolized by this ring 🫂 Beyond nationality or religion, it’s a gesture of love, protection + healing. ❤️‍🩹 - Adjustable wrap ring - Cozy, comfy fit
-60% sale
Sea Glass, Sea Class Ring
$6.00 $15.00
Eeeek how fun is this ring?! This cutie is the PERFECT pop of color! The whole ring is transparent + chunky, with a wide flat top that contains multicolor pieces that give off sea-glass vibes for sure! It's such a fun fashion ring + could be worn anywhere or with anything since it has so many colors!! This ring is a size 8 + is NOT adjustable, so be sure to know your ring size before purchasing! - Size 8, not adjustable
Dainty Double Moon Ring *GOLD FILLED*
Seriously, I'm over the moon for this ring! 🌙💖 So cute + dainty, this beauty is gold filled, meaning she's super high quality, will NEVER tarnish + should last foreverrrr. The ring is adjustable, so it'll fit any ring size + any finger, which makes it extra versatile. PLUS since it's so tiny, it's absolutely perfect for stacking! 🙌 Damn, for such a tiny ring, there is just so much to love! The ring features a simple thin gold band with two crescent moons meeting in the front, but not touching - one moon is solid gold, the other is rhinestone studded. So. Beautiful.  
Over The Moon Ring
Okay no lie: this ring was so brilliantly crafted that it was a legit challenge to capture on photo!! It was shining so beautifully with the way the light was hitting it 🤩✨ YES, it's that stunning. So be's even more incredible in person!!  This sweet thing is a silver non-adjustable ring with phases of the moon cut-outs wrapped around that's 100x more beautiful IRL as you can really see it shine with the cut-outs up close!! 🌘 OBSESSEDDD. A sweet silver piece you can stack + wear with anything- colorful or with other silver pieces! 💯
-47% sale
To Be Perfectly Queer... Ring
$8.00 $15.00
 Eeeeeek, obsessed with this fashion ring! It's so cute + fun! The perfect statement piece for your pride-event look or on a day you want to spread some extra color + love into the world! This cutie is a chunky white based ring that features a flat pride heart right on top 🤍🌈 Ring size is 7.5 + this one is not adjustable, so be sure you check or know your ring size before purchasing!  - Size 7.5  
Isn't She Lovely Ginko Ring
This rinnngggg. She is so lovely + you will be too with this little babe wrapped around your finger! This one is adjustable so it'll work for any ring size 🙌 The ring is a shiny gold with ginkgo leaves wrapped around - it's a thick, sturdy right and fits so cozy. Not to mention it has such a beautiful, classic look with this gold! Dressed up or down, this ring just WORKS for everyday wear!  
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