You Go Girl Claw Clip
GIVE ME ALL THE CLIPSSS! These are seriously so freaking cute! The clips come in three fun pattern options - the happiest multicolor polka dots, bright multicolored floral, softer yellow + purple floral. The patterns are overlaid on a completely transparent base which makes for such a fun look!! This is a good mid-size clip that will be versatile for multiple hair-types. Half-up, all-up, whatever you want! Great for everyday wear to keep your hair out of your face and look freakin' cute doin' it! 
Daisy In Love Claw Clip
Okay these claw clips are seriously SO CUTE! Plus they're awesomeee quality + fit so snuggly which is perfect for those girlies who want all the hair off their neck without having to re-clip it up 100x a day! Our model, Kristi has a lot of hair + it's thick, but these clips still hold it all in place. They also make for the cutest half-up or half-down look! These clips are 4"x2", come in options of lavender or blue, both with a pattern of the sweetest white daisies with an orange center. They have a shiny, glossy finish making them stand out even more! A must-have for your claw clip collection!!  
Cool Chick Claw Clip
I just love a good hair clip...don't you!? These are perrrrfect for medium thickness hair a half-up look for my thinker haired babes. The claw clips come in three color options - black, light pink, or pastel green - with a half-moon arch outline as the clip. They're so easy and simple, + can absolutely fancy up your hair or be thrown on with your comfy clothes at home. So versatile, which is the freaking best! 🤩
Perfectly Pearly Barrette Clip
Honestly I am living for these barrettes!! They are the perfect hair accessory to instantly add some elegance and class to your OOTD! These are are gold 3" barrettes wrapped in a pearl-studded jacket which gives it the perfect bed. Sooo cute for a spring day outfit, but also easily paired with a fancy fit for going out, a casual sundress, or anything in between! Seriously, we love the versatility 🤩
I'm A Barbie Girl Headband
Ummm please. This headband is so, so prettyyy! The softest pink + beaded all the way around. The sparkle, shimmer + shine is just perfect!! Plus this headband is a really good quality piece that should last you a long time + through many wears, which is a big win since this baby is the perfect pop of color hair accessory for ANY look! 😍  
Can't Lie, I'm An Ally Headband
Inspired by + for the whole Queer community! 🌈 This adorrrrable headband has a metallic rainbow fabric wrapped around a black base + is absolutely fabulous, not to mention high quality!! 🤩 Perfect for pride events for sure, but also matched literally ANYTHING with all these colors! It's so good, so comfy, so fucking CUTE!  P.S. We pair this with our Hoe You Doin' Dangles + incredible No Panic, All Disco Dangles, both looks turned out so freaking cute! Check 'em out!
Damn Clip
Oh heyyyyyy, babe! I really am in love with the quality of this clip!! It's thick and perfect for us girls with thicker hair, which is honestly so hard to find! It says "DAMN" in call caps and the letters are covered in some sexy little rhinestones! It's so fun and my newest fav hair accessory!  P.S. We have this same style clip but with the word: HAPPY - check it out!
The Sea Is Calling Hair Clip
Ummm, Ariel called + she wants her hair clip back 😍🧜‍♀️ This claw clip tho...SO cute! It has the most gorgeous pink + gold marbling with gold accents. So stunning + elegant! This isn't a super big clip, probs will work best for a half-up, half-down look for thicker haired girlies but even so, it's a good qualityt clip that'll keep your hair in out of your face with style! P.S. We paired these with our Pearly Pineapple Studs...SO CUTE!  
Happiest Hair Clips
Seriously though, these are so 👏 freaking 👏 happy 👏😄 These cutie hair clips come in a set of 2. They're good quality, small metal clips the features a classic yellow smiley face. I meannnnn they're so fucking cute! You can't NOT smile with these in your hair! PLUS the back details of the smiley face are engraved into the clip so they'll be so much less likely to fade or chip away. BLESS 🙌  
Perfectly Pastel Rainbow Headband
I'm in lovvvvee with this headband! So sweet + colorful with the softest pastels of lavender, pink, teal, seafoam green, a soft orange-y yellow, + purple on pleated fabric that's wrapped around a white headband with a knot at the top then sealed at the base with pink fabric. It's super light, such a comfy fit! Perfect when your outfit needs a little touch of color + sweetness! 🌈💖
Sk8er Girl Hair Clip
Let's all take a moment and honor our punk queen Avril Lavigne with these cute ass hair clips. I mean SRSLY, I can't get enough! Not only are these super nice quality (not to mention practical!) clips, but they're also so freaking cute! These acrylic black + white checkered wavy clips will add some spunk to ANY look! 🤩🤘🖤
Keep It Spooky Headband
Keep it spooky + cute with this soft, super comfy wide twisted headband!! 🎃 This has a black base, wrapped in jersey-knit fabric with a whole bunch of traditional Halloween designs: pumpkins, coffins, creepy trees, cobwebs, candies…all the cute + creepy things in classic black + orange. 🕸️🕷️ So adorable!! Plus the coziest part is when you wear it, you’ll instantly notice that it’s not tight, fits really well + curves the roundness of your head so seamlessly. We can’t get over the non-traditional purple + black with the cute little knot in the middle too! It's the sweetest, spookiest treat to get yourself (or your loved ones!) this Halloween!!
Perfectly Pumpkiny Headband
Are you kidding me with this headband? It is PERFECT for fall! The headband is bright Halloween orange 🎃 It is a wide, braided style + is super comfortable to wear since it’s lightweight. Made of a strawlike material with a glossy + shiny finish. This sits cozily + perfectly a little bit further back on the head. 🤗 The perfect accent for all of your fall or Halloween looks!
-39% sale
Bloom Where You're Planted Headband
$8.00 $13.00
Is this not the sweetest little headband?! So light + dainty, PERFECT for spring!! This is a super thin headband that will fit super comfortably on your head. She's blinged-out with little clear crystal beads + white daisies, with a classic yellow center, evenly spaced throughout. This is the perfect accessory to throw on when you're ready to break out the spring wardrobe!
-17% sale
Together Forever Headband
$15.00 $18.00
Okay, seriously this is pretty magical - I think we can all agree that pearls, crystals, and gold NEVER go out of style! It's dainty and cute, super minimalistic but will totally add class and elegance to your OOTD. This sweet and simple headband has three gold wires that feature clear crystals and pearls alternating throughout. It fits snug, so be mindful if tight headbands aren't your thing! This headband is truly the perfect blend of glam and class, you will LOVE it!
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