Women Get Shit Done Claw Clips
Who doesn't love a good hair clip!? Or two, or three?? These are perfect for literally everyday, when you're out there getting shit done and just neeeeeed to get your hair out of your face but still want to look hella cute! Keep in mind these clips are pretty big (5") so these are definitely ideal for all the thick haired girlies out there! 😍
Can't Lie, I'm An Ally Headband
Inspired by + for the whole Queer community! 🌈 This adorrrrable headband has a metallic rainbow fabric wrapped around a black base + is absolutely fabulous!! 🤩 Perfect for pride events for sure, but also will match literally ANYTHING with all these colors! It's so good, so comfy, so fucking CUTE!  P.S. We pair this with our Hoe You Doin' Dangles, but this stellar headband would look incredible with literally any fit as the statement color piece or as a matching piece to the rainbow colors you're wearing!
Cheetah Girls Hair Ties
Rawrr! These cheetah hair ties are wildly fun, playful + soooo full of personality!! 😍 They have adorable cheetah prints all over + come in 3 gorgeous colors: green, black + beige. Oh, did I mention they're supeeeeer stretchy?? Suitable for both thin + thick hair. PLUS, peep that sweet, long knot at the back too! 🎀 Literal perfection for styling ponytails, messy buns, braids- you name it!
Happiest Hair Clips
Seriously though, these are so 👏 freaking 👏 happy 👏😄 These cutie hair clips come in a set of 2. They're good quality, small metal clips the features a classic yellow smiley face. I meannnnn they're so fucking cute! You can't NOT smile with these in your hair! PLUS the back details of the smiley face are engraved into the clip so they'll be so much less likely to fade or chip away. BLESS 🙌  
Damn, That's A Cute Clip
Oh heyyyyyy, babe! I really am in love with the quality of this clip!! It's thick and perfect for us girls with thicker hair, which is honestly so hard to find! It says "DAMN" in call caps and the letters are covered in some sexy little rhinestones! It's so fun and my newest fav hair accessory!  P.S. We have this same style clip but with the word: HAPPY - check it out!
Beary Sweet Hair Clip
It's soooo sweeeeeeet 🤗🧸✨ This hair clip is on a gold base with a row of gummy bears lined up in the color of the rainbow. What else is there to say? It's 10/10 adorable, 10/10 functional. It's the yummiest, must-have hair accessory!!  
Hold The Phone for Every Tone Hair Clips
Where are my neutral babes attttt? These are for you! 🖤🤎🤍 These clips come in a set of 4 + feature large, leather covered barrette clips with the sweetest little smiley face tags! They're all neutral + feature what represent to us varying skin tones which are so, so beautiful when they all come together 🥰 These are extra fun too because they've got some squish which adds a dynamic element to this look!!  
-25% sale
Where The Wildflowers Grow Bandana
$12.00 $16.00
Does this not make you wanna instantly frolic in the meadows + gather wild berries?? 😍 This chic, rustic fall-inspired floral bandana is 100% giving countryside vibes!! 🌾 It features a soft, slick marigold fabric with lavender + white flower patterns, plus an elastic band making it stretchy + comfy for all sizes! Easily slip on + style for the perfect pop of fall color to any outfit! 🍂
Flowers In My Hair Headband
Yessss, how cute is she?! This sweet little headband is super light + has a comfortable fit. It's a soft aqua color with some darker blue daisies with orange centers + some yellow accent blob spots. So groovy, soooo fun! It's about .75" in width with a cushy feel. Perfect for a pop of color on a spring or summer day!    
-67% sale
Bloom Where You're Planted Headband
$5.00 $15.00
Is this not the sweetest little headband?! So light + dainty, PERFECT for spring!! This is a super thin headband that will fit super comfortably on your head. She's blinged-out with little clear crystal beads + white daisies, with a classic yellow center, evenly spaced throughout. This is the perfect accessory to throw on when you're ready to break out the spring wardrobe!
Marsha P Headband
Let’s face it, Marsha P. Johnson was the true cultural reset ✨ This beautiful, floral headband with black fabric + red, pink flowers pays tribute to one of the most prominent transwomen in history who pioneered for the trans + LGBTQ+ community. 🏳️‍🌈 She was at Stonewall + involved in the first riot that paved the way for pride parades. A legacy that colorful deserves an equally colorful statement headband! 💖 P.S. We paired these with our Queen B Dangles for that extra glam...Check it out!
Have Mercy, That's A Cute Headband
Get ready for a blast from the past with this headband inspired by the iconic Full House couch! 🛋️ This headband is a beautiful gingham pattern, rocking those light blue and white shades that’ll take you straight to the Tanner family living room. Hard not to love this headband when the inside is lined with the softest beige fabric that’s oh-so-cozy on the skin + fits snugly on the head which means…..no annoying slipping or adjusting! 🤩 Gimme. It. Right. Now. It's thin, classy + so, so cozy, making it a def must-have on days you feel like dressing up or down!
-34% sale
50 Shades Of Earth Hair Pin Set
$12.00 $18.00
How stunningggg are these bobby pins though?! These are not your basic bobby pins, they're bigger + sturdier than your average drugstore pin, plussss they're freaking CUTE. Like, are you kidding? This comes in a set of 5 + the pins themselves are gold with each one featuring a different assortment of gorgeous, earthy, glass crystal stones. The colors range from creamy white to stones with purple, pink or fuchsia hues. So, so, so cute!! ✨ 
-31% sale
Sunday Best Braided Headband
$18.00 $26.00
How freaking beautifulllll is this headband!? From the color to the quality to the design...there is just so much to love! This gorgeous hair accessory is a sweet pastel green fabric braided across the headband - it is completely wrapped in this soft fabric and extremely well made! Soooo luxurious and SO well-made! It is a super comfy fit, too - you'll feel great wearing this all day, any day! 💖  
Connecting The Dots Headband
I absolutely adore this classic polka dot pattern - such a staple as a look! This is a simple but super versatile headband and will totally add some subtle fun to any outfit. We've got this cutie in inverse color options: one is white base with black polka dots, the other is white based with black polka dots.  ⚫️⚪️ Super affordable + super fun! A win-win!! 🙌 P.S. We paired this with our Keeping It Together Paperclip Studs - SO CUTE! Check 'em out! 
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