Balanced State Of Mind Huggie Hoops
Yin-yang is a beautiful reminder that when life is dark + hard, there is ALWAYS light!✨ These earrings are made up of black + white rhinestone yin-yangs hanging from a gold huggie hoops. They're small, perfect for stacking, plus they weigh basically nothing, so they're a lovely go-to piece to style however you'd like!! - Huggie hoop - 2.5/10 heaviness
BRB, I'm Spiraling Dangles
Stop itttt. These are so cooool! They're big, weird, eccentric...we're obsessed. These are hammered metal, so they're a smidge heavier than most of our earrings, but  they have such a cool dynamic, textured look + feel to them that just adds so much character! They're also a gorgeous shimmery silver that will match literally a billion things. An imperfect spiral hanging from a round post, these represent anxiety + other times we get flooded with emotions + start to spiral. It happens...we can cry about it (+ let's be real, we will + that's okay!) or we can laugh + wear some cute-ass earrings. Who's with me? 😆🙋‍♀️ - Post back - 5/10 heaviness
Breathe Deep Necklace
Coping skill of the day: breathe. Seems a little basic, I know, but actually when we're flooded with emotions, fear, anxiety, many of us have the instinctual response to gasp or hold our breath or hyperventilate...😬👋 Guilty. That actually deprives our brain + nervous system of oxygen it needs to regulate, process + move forward through the emotion into logical problem solving. So consider this gorgeous necklace a gentle reminder to take deep breaths, it's our most foundational way we can invite groundedness into our lives. 💛 This stunning pendant necklace is an instant classic - the shiny gold rectangle pendant with "BREATHE" engraved hangs from a gold ball chain necklace. Absolutely stunning + versatile, this is the perfect an everyday piece! - 16" - 18" with extender  
Choose Happiness Hair Clip
Yessssss to this amazing hair clip! Because sometimes in the midst of it all, we just have to to CHOOSE happiness + joy. This cute hair clip is awesome quality, thick + perfect for anyone with thick hair, too! It says "HAPPY" in call caps + the letters are coveredddd in gorgeous little rhinestones! It's so fun + the best way to make a literal statement - be HAPPY, y'all! 🤩  P.S. We have this same style clip but with the word: DAMN - check it out!
Core Memories Hoops
  Okay I'm obesssssed though. These sweet hoops were inspired by "core memories" from the movie Inside Out. + honestly, if you haven't seen, don't walk because it is flawless. 100/10 recommend for all humans! Good news is, even if you have no idea what I'm talking about, these are still about to be your new go-to hoops! They're big + covered in multicolor wooden beads bring that are some how the perfect blend of vibrant + subtle. Because the beads are wooden they have such a warm, muted tone making them so cozy + perfect for anytime of year!! Plus they match literally everythingggg, which is such a win! 🙌  - Latch back, comfy fit - 2/10 heaviness  
Feel The Feelings Mismatch Dangles
We haddddd to bring back an OG, classic rj fan-favorite with these giant mismatched dangles 🙂🙁 Not only are these perfect for...well, literally anyone because we allllll have feelings, am I right? But these are especially perfect for our therapists out there or anyone who works in a role with young kids and helping them understand their emotions, feelings, and social skills! They are glossy, thick acrylic dangles transparent with a bright yellowish-green neon tint with smiley (+ frowny) face cut outs. SO fun, bold, playful,  fabulous, + the most perfect pop of color! - CAN BE MADE HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a note at checkout. - Hook back - 4/10 heaviness   
Feelings Wheel Jumbo Pin
Where my therapists atttt? This one is for you! Also for anyone who just needs help defining their feelings (or wants to help others, because that's a gift, too 💛) This GIANT pin is significantly bigger than any of our others + comes with with two connectors on the back. It's a multicolor feelings wheel that is actually interactive, with the little arrow! SO fun, super practical, perfect for learning how to better identify + communicate your feelings. UGH. Obsessed.
Fuck Off Huggie Hoops
Ummm, boundaries, anyone? 👏 👏 👏  PSA: People are not entitled to your niceness especially when they've actively and knowingly harmed you. So sometimes a little "Fuck Off" is just what the doctor ordered + these little cuties are right here to fill that prescription 😆 The perfect statement piece (literally), these are classic chunky gold huggie hoops with a gorgeous little enamel charm that says, "fuck off" in groovy white lettering. A must-have piece for everyday wear, IMHO.  - Huggie hoop (no poke!) - 1/10 heaviness
Hang In There Dangles
I am sooo excited about these!! They're super unique + a fun take on a hoop / dangle mix! These come in silver or gold + are literally weightless 🙌 Essentially, these are a strand of rhinestones that hang from a post, with the earring back being at the end of the strand, so it "loops" back under your earlobe to connect + create the cutest dangle-y hoop situation. It's sooo pretty, y'all + so freaking classy! Definitely versatile, these babies will go with any look, for any event, all year round! - Post back - 1/10 heaviness  
Music Is My Therapy Dangles
Ummm...yes, please! How funnnn are these boombox dangles? It's giving 90s vibes. It's giving Will Smith. It's giving the best form of therapy: MUSIC! 🎶💖 These babies are lightweight, acrylic, + super vibrant with their retro technicolor vibe straight outta 1995. Let these funky fun dangles be a reminder that music is truly medicine for the soul no matter what decade you're in 😎 - CAN BE MADE HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a note at checkout! - Hook back - 2/10 heaviness
Shine Bright, Shine Far Statement Studs
  These are freakin' fantastic, y'all. Super, super glittery statement studs that will have heads turning! Just a (not-so-casual) reminder to always shine bright, babes 🤩These are shiny, shimmery, glittery acrylic waves of pink, gold, + silver. They're a literal party for your ears + I cannot get enough! - Post back - 3/10 heaviness  
Valid Feelings Pin
This pin literally could not be more on brand + we're obsessedddd. This perfect circle enamel pin is a gorgeous light pink background with the words "your feelings are valid" in all caps, playful, rainbow colored lettering that almost gives off a hand-drawn vibe. Plus a few twinkle accents thrown in? I's almost too perfect. 💕
Who Runs The World? Girls👏 Dangles
I meannnn these dangles pretty much speak for themselves, ammirite? Girl👏freaking👏 power👏 These are statement pieces for sure! The acrylic dangles feature all-caps multicolored glittery lettering that spell "GIRL" on one and "POWER" on the other and hang from a silver hook back. These are perfect for any day you're feeling or need reminded of your power as a woman. You freaking go girl!! - CAN BE MADE HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a note at checkout! - Hook back - 2/10 heaviness, so lightweight!  
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