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Are You Afraid of the Dark? Dangles
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Okay, let's turn back the clock a bit! Who remembers this show from the old-school Nickelodeon days?? 🙌 It used to give me the heebie-jeebies, but man, was it a whoooole lot of fun! These acrylic earrings are outlined in a vintage 1970s television, complete with the classic opening scene + the words, "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" in deep purple lettering across the screen. Spooky? 🕯️ Yes. But they’re also hella cute to wear just in time for Halloween or any day you feel like stepping out in style with nostalgia! - Can be made HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a NOTE AT CHECKOUT. - Hook back - 3/10 heaviness
Dragonflies Are Inn Dangles
Hey Gilmore Girlies…here’s your golden ticket to the Dragonfly Inn! ✨ These are stunning statement gold dangles in the shape of the sweetest dragonflies hanging gracefully from gold hoops!! Seriously, how can anyone resist?? They are super shiny and hugs your ears cozier than Luke's flannel shirts. PLUS, they’re equally stunning from the front + back so it doesn’t matter how you wear it because you’ll get that golden shine all-around! 💛 - Latch back - 2.5/10 heaviness
Eleven's Eggos Dangles
Ready for an epic adventure in The Upside Down? These Eggos dangles are so stinkin’ cuuuute! Inspired by Eleven’s (or El, as she’s fondly called) all-time favorite snack from Stranger Things, these are bright yellow waffle-shaped earrings with honeycomb squares on silver hooks that are 100% irresistible + delicious!! 🧇 Seriously, they look just so much like the real deal you’ll feel like drizzling it with some syrup but please don’t! El loved Eggos so much that she would hoard boxes of ‘em + we have no doubt these adorable pair will have the same effect! 😍 - Can be made HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a NOTE AT CHECKOUT. - Hook back - 1/10 heaviness
Ew, Be A Feminist, David Pin
Channel your inner David Rose from Schitt's Creek with this fabulous enamel pin! 🖤 Inspired by David's iconic long sleeve sweater look, this pin is more than just a fashion statement – it's a versatile accessory that you can use as a brooch or badge of advocacy! With an all-black base, striking silver outline + the empowering phrase, "Radical Feminist" boldly lettered making it also a fun, chic way to proudly show your support for the cause! ✊
Have Mercy, That's A Cute Headband
Get ready for a blast from the past with this headband inspired by the iconic Full House couch! 🛋️ This headband is a beautiful gingham pattern, rocking those light blue and white shades that’ll take you straight to the Tanner family living room. Hard not to love this headband when the inside is lined with the softest beige fabric that’s oh-so-cozy on the skin + fits snugly on the head which means…..no annoying slipping or adjusting! 🤩 Gimme. It. Right. Now. It's thin, classy + so, so cozy, making it a def must-have on days you feel like dressing up or down!
How You Doin' Dangles
*cue music* I’ll be thereee for youuuuuu…sound familiar?? 🎶 If it doesn’t, looking at these cuties should do the trick! These statement dangles are the famous yellow apartment peephole frame with striking, black outlines from Monica's purple door!! 🚪 Complete with the words, "How You Doin’" in that classic Friends font, these are just so precious + made of acrylic so they’re super lightweight. Yup, that “How You Doin’” line is a signature Joey move + we’re here for it! These earrings are pure, iconic awesomeness + would make brilliant Christmas gifts that'll have your friends saying, "How you doin'?"! 😆🤩 - Can be made HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a NOTE AT CHECKOUT. - Hook back - 2/10 heaviness
It's A Great Day to Save Lives Stud Set
Calling all McSteamy and McDreamy fans! 😏😍 Check out this stud set with the most charming cartoonish brain, lungs + heart with the friendliest faces you've ever laid eyes on. So freaking cuuuuute! It's basically like carrying a piece of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital with you! Whether you're a nurse, a doctor, or deep in the trenches of med school, these tiny little studs would make a brilliant accessory (or gift!). The best part? They're beyond adorable + incredibly lightweight. No long, dangly bits to get in your way so you can look cute while you hustle (in scrubs or any outfit)! 💉🏩❤️ - Post back - 0/10 heaviness
RoseBud Motel Keychain
This keychain will transport you right to your room at the RoseBud Motel! 🛏️ A nod to the beloved roadside motel in Schitt’s Creek where the Roses are staying, this keychain is matte black with a striking white rose + the words "RoseBud Motel. Follow us on Tweeters" in cheeky white lettering. YES, PLS 👏 Lowkey game-changer in spicing up your backpack, purse, or key ring PLUS! You’ll get a good chuckle every time you see this because you won’t be able to un-hear Alexis saying, “tweeters”. 
That's What She Said Pin
Sport some classic Office humor with this "That's what she said" pin! 💼 Made from resin, this pin showcases a cutout of Michael Scott from the neck up with his face cleverly concealed by the words, "That's what she said" in chunky black lettering. 👏 It's a humorous + quirky accessory that'll make fellow fans react. It’s pretty big too (That's what she said...😆) so you can totally slap this on anything you want to stand out!
Treat Yo Self Cupcakes Dangles
We’ve got a total eye candy for you! These tiny darlings are fun, minimalist cupcake-shaped earrings topped with white frosting + gold edging. 🧁 They are a cute little duo, definitely giving a shoutout to the iconic, “Treat Yo Self” episode from Parks & Rec a.k.a the brainchild of Tom + Donna! The sweetest treat is that they come in 3 yummy variants: teal-ish seafoam (blue), baby pink, or a mix ‘n match so you can always “Treat Yo Self” to the sweetest dangles that never go out of style! 😋 - Can be made HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a NOTE AT CHECKOUT. - Hook back - 0/10 heaviness P.S. We paired this with our Have Mercy, What A Cute Headband. Check it out!
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