Dissent Like RBG
She’s notorious, she’s got some serious collar game + proudly describes herself as a flaming feminist litigator. 👩🏻‍⚖️ Speaking truth to power is her superpower. U.S Supreme Court justice RBG is one badass for being a fierce dissenter + unapologetic fashionista. 🙌 This black + white enamel pin with gold edging has the word, “Dissent” written in thin, uppercase gold lettering + takes the shape of one of RBG’s most iconic statement collars. You can’t wear this around your neck but you CAN bring this hell of a statement anywhere you damn want! 🔥
Legacy to Launch Stud Set
Any teachers in the house? 🙋‍♀️ We’ve got a lil' something for you. This 3-pack stud set is sooo cute! Obvi a perfect gift for teachers, daycare or even moms volunteering in school. These precious, chunky studs each represent the 3 famous badass women who carried NASA on their backs: Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughan. 💪 3 amazing women = 3 adorable studs. Go wear these + watch Hidden Figures! 👏💗 - Post back - 2/10 heaviness
Terri Croc Hoops
We love Steve but mad respect + shoutout to Terri Irwin who has done everything behind the scenes to keep the legacy and wildlife preservations going. 💯 These are textured, alligator (or crocs? You decide! Lol) shaped hoops with an open back. 🐊 They come in 2 colors: silver + gold. Also how cute is the alligator mouth as the post? It gives off the appearance that a tiny alligator is nibbling on your ear! 😂 - Post back - 1.5/10 heaviness P.S. We paired these with our Mother Teresa Necklace for that timeless touch...Check it out!
Cher's A Rich Man Pin
from $8.00
Stop what you’re doing + go Youtube Cher’s video of, “mom, I’m a rich man’ to get the juicy context behind this. 👏 This is a black + white enamel pin featuring Cher from the neck up in her signature puffy hair-do. The words, “Mom, I am a rich man” in thin, uppercase letters right in the middle of her face. 🔥 This pin just HAD to be here!! 😍
Mother Teresa Necklace
If there’s one thing this world needs more than ever, it’s Mother Teresa hands down. 👏 This lovely, golden bead chain necklace carries a shiny rectangle charm engraved with the words, “love each other more.” ✨ A beautiful reminder from a selfless soul. This gorgeous piece is classic, timeless + will forever live on just like the works of Mother Teresa. 💛 P.S. We paired these with our Michelle Obama Hoops for that classy, gold look...Check it out!
Marsha P Headband
Let’s face it, Marsha P. Johnson was the true cultural reset ✨ This beautiful, floral headband with black fabric + red, pink flowers pays tribute to one of the most prominent transwomen in history who pioneered for the trans + LGBTQ+ community. 🏳️‍🌈 She was at Stonewall + involved in the first riot that paved the way for pride parades. A legacy that colorful deserves an equally colorful statement headband! 💖 P.S. We paired these with our Queen B Dangles for that extra glam...Check it out!
Harriet Huggie Hoops
Harriet Tubman overcame a million things so it’s only natural we find a piece to honor her that match a million things as well. 🙏 These silver rhinestone-covered belt-shaped huggie hoops are super light + perfect for stacking. 100% would style this with any outfit + it won’t disappoint! 💖  - Huggie hoops - 1/10 heaviness  
Dolly Hoops
The west truly has the best...a.k.a Dolly Parton. A country legend, songwriter, actress, philanthropist..she does it all! 💪 What better way to represent her than these super cute, gold open hoops? Hanging just below it is a pink two-toned little cowgirl hat with a gold star in the middle + gold edging. They’re also giving very much a Barbie wild west vibe. 😍 Nothing says “howdy!” better than a cowgirl hat.   - Post back - 2.5/10 heaviness
The Michelle Hoops
Check out these chunky hoops 🤩 It’s got all the good stuff: rhinestones, pearls, and a gold base. Inspired by Michelle Obama, this piece is classy as fuck + is on a whole other level of fanciness. Dress up or dress down, you are gonna shine. ✨ - Post back - 5/10 heaviness P.S. We paired these with our Mother Teresa Necklace for that sophisticated, girl boss energy...Check it out!
Pop of Pom Hoops
Okaaay these are MASSIVE +I'm in love! 🤩 Huge balls of fun dedicated to Sunniva Sorby and Hilde Fålun Strøm. 2 female scientists studying climate change in the High Arctic of Svalbard, Norway. 🌎 These are large hoops wrapped all the way in chunky blue, green, red + pink pompoms. They’re lighter than they look + will give a serious pop of color to any outfit. ✨ - Latch back - 3/10 heaviness
Maya Dangles
Things are so much more adorable when they’re miniature + this Maya Angelou-inspired dangles are proof! 🥰 These are burgundy red little books with two little gold accents on the bind hanging from a silver hook. 📕 Plus, the pages are real too! Yes, you can flip through them like you would an actual book. How freaking cool is that??! 🤩 Cute pairing for anyone who loves to read, for teachers, librarians + anyone else. You can just be you while rocking the hell out of these! - Hook back - 2/10 heaviness
Queen B Dangles
It’s 2024, we’re here for large, black + fabulous things only. ✨ Yes, these are fancy + glitzy but are super wearable with a cool jean jacket or any casual ‘fit. No waiting around for a boujee gala coz you can just pop em whenever the hell you feel like wearing them. 😚 Surprisingly not as heavy as they look, it’s mostly just the gems. That beaded fringe?? To die for. 😩 If this isn’t Beyonce-coded, then idk what is.  - Post back - 5.5/10 P.S. We paired these with our Marsha P. Headband for that floral feminine energy...Check it out!
Eve Ear Cuff Set
Who can forget the first female rebel of all time? Literally the mother of all mothers. 🙌 These silver ear cuffs are so unique + so freakin FUN! It’s a snake or a serpent, whatever you wanna call it 🐍 It’s an adventure trying to put this on but trust me when I say the final look’s gonna eat (lol iykyk). It’s got an edgy feel to it but you can definitely rock this with a sweet girly look as well. You do you! 💓 This is a set so you'll get one snake for each ear! - 1.5/10 heaviness
The Frida Dangles
Nobody loves florals like my girl, Frida 💐 A quote from her that has always moved me is, ”you are your own muse.” It hit just at the right time + a spectacular reminder that I have the freedom to be in control of my life. 💯 This huge floral dangles are beaded with multicolored flowers dropping down. Also peep the nice, wide, golden post behind it. They’re on the heavier side but they just have Frida Kahlo written all over them soooo immediately 10/10!! ⭐️We bought a second round of these that are already on the way and should be to us within the next 72 hours! Orders may be held for 72 hours until the new beauties arrive! We'll ship your entire order out immediately once they arrive to us! - Post back - 8/10
Call For All Fist Pins
No words needed on this pin because the fist says it all! ✊ This one’s for EVERYONE coming together to call out everything that’s f*cked up in this world— genocide, gender inequality, racial discrimination, child labor…the list is long so it’s always best to check your privilege, put it to good use + stay informed about these injustices via credible sources. This enamel pin follows the shape of 5 different skintone fists with black edging, ready to rally against the evils of the world. 🌎 It's about an inch and a half in length. P.S. We paired this with our best selling Down To Earth Bag - check it out!
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