You're Safe With Me Pin
Because everyone is worthy of being safe in the world 💖 This small but might pin says "You ARE SAFE WITH ME" in black lettering on white circle center, with two thin-striped rainbows encircling it (the top rainbow in more classic, muted colors, the bottom rainbow alternates blue, pink , + white). Let's commit to creating more safety + love in our world, k?   
Grow A Pair Pin
Okayyyy, where are my pin girls at!? This little pin is so freaking fun and playful! She's small but mighty with this message all about standing your strength. The pin is a cartoon uterus with a cute little face and a banner stretching across that says "Grow A Pair". I mean seriously, say less 👏🏿👏🏽👏🏻  
Sorry, I'm Booked Pin
This pin just screams: ain't nobody got time for that! The pin for all the hustlers, boss babes, go-getters + social butterflies who are busy livin + lovin life!! 🥳💪This pin is a colorful stack of closed books in teal, pink + yellow beside a mug with black lettering that says, "Sorry I'm Booked". We know das riiiight! An awesome statement that's easy to pin anywhere! 💯  
Good Books, Bad Girls Pin
Raise your hand if you love a good spicy book 😆😏🙋‍♀️😝 Or just a good read in general...we see you + we've got the perfect pin for you, or the perfect gift for soemone you love who falls into that category!! This adorable enamel pin is a stack of books in various shades of pink with words on the spines of the books that read out the sentence: good books make bad girls and dangerous women. YES + AMEN 🙌
Pink Ladies Pin
Anyone else obsessed with the 1978 musical Grease? Such a classic, it can't be just me!! This pin is so cute, girly, + fun annddd even though it's quoting a song, it's also sending a solid message: "Keep your filthy paws off my silky drawers" 👏👏  This cutie enamel pin has gold lowercase handwriting-style lettering of the above phrase on light pink underwear with gold outlines. Soooooooo cute 💖  
Mental Health Matters Pin
 Say it louder for the people in the back👏🗣 This sweet little pin is speaking the loudest of truths! It's a circular pin with rubber backing and gray background that features a pink brain in the center with the words "Mental Health Matters" in multicolored lettering. We will foreverrrr be on this train as it wholly embodies and aligns with the RJ brand 💖 So much to love in such a little pin.  
Beautiful Isn't A Size Pin
Seriously though, socially constructed beauty standards are for the birds✌️ This sweet little enamel pin sums it up perfectly by giving us it's message in bold, all-caps, pink lettering: "Beautiful Isn't A Size". And it. Is. Perfect.  
That's What She Said Pin
Sport some classic Office humor with this "That's what she said" pin! 💼 Made from resin, this pin showcases a cutout of Michael Scott from the neck up with his face cleverly concealed by the words, "That's what she said" in chunky black lettering. 👏 It's a humorous + quirky accessory that'll make fellow fans react. It’s pretty big too (That's what she said...😆) so you can totally slap this on anything you want to stand out!
Destroy The Patriarchy Pin
I think I'll just sit back and let this pin speak for itself 👏 This enamel pin has black backing and features the message, "Destroy the patriarchy, not the planet" in all caps lettering on a white banner that's wrapped across a bouquet of white, yellow, and pink flowers with some green leaves. Short, sweet, to the point - perfect for all my pin + earth-loving girlies!  
Weird + Wonderful Pin
I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying @ how freaking perfect this little pin is! This enamel pin is a litte name tag that says, "HELLO, I'M weird + wonderful". Plsssss, not only is it it's adorable + the sweetest accent shade of light blue (almost mint!), it's also the perfect expression of embodying, celebrating, representing proudly our weird + wonderful selves 💛
Feelings Wheel Jumbo Pin
Where my therapists atttt? This one is for you! Also for anyone who just needs help defining their feelings (or wants to help others, because that's a gift, too 💛) This GIANT pin is significantly bigger than any of our others + comes with with two connectors on the back. It's a multicolor feelings wheel that is actually interactive, with the little arrow! SO fun, super practical, perfect for learning how to better identify + communicate your feelings. UGH. Obsessed.
Libraries Are For Everyone Pin
Because libraries are + should always be safe places for all people 🤟 This little pin features the Trans Rights flag with the words "Libraries are for everyone" in black lettering + small stacks of books in the bottoms corners. The perfect subtle yet strong statement pin. It's a reminder of how precious + important safe spaces are for all! If you're a teach or librarian especially, showcasing this pin in your classroom will be the sweetest reminder for students that they're safe + loved! P.S. Check out our best selling Your'e Safe With Me Pin for the best pin pairing! 
Girl Power Pin
 Where are my pin girlies at?? This one is for you 💖 This sweet thang is everything Dolly represents + we want to embody: girl freaking power, baby! This little cutie enamel pin features the words "GIRL POWER" in the grooviest retro font and has cute white daisy accents. It is is a whole vibe + perfect for your bag, lanyard, anywhere you're showing off your fave pins! 🤩 
Valid Feelings Pin
This pin literally could not be more on brand + we're obsessedddd. This perfect circle enamel pin is a gorgeous light pink background with the words "your feelings are valid" in all caps, playful, rainbow colored lettering that almost gives off a hand-drawn vibe. Plus a few twinkle accents thrown in? I's almost too perfect. 💕
Ew, Be A Feminist, David Pin
Channel your inner David Rose from Schitt's Creek with this fabulous enamel pin! 🖤 Inspired by David's iconic long sleeve sweater look, this pin is more than just a fashion statement – it's a versatile accessory that you can use as a brooch or badge of advocacy! With an all-black base, striking silver outline + the empowering phrase, "Radical Feminist" boldly lettered making it also a fun, chic way to proudly show your support for the cause! ✊
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