The Bianca Bracelet
I swear to you these are even more beautiful in person - I cannot overemphasis how freaking amazing they are. Dainty, colorful, cute as freaking pieeee. These fit snuggly around an average wrist (Kristi's) so if you usually need a longer one, drop us a note in the "additional notes" section right at checkout, and we'll simply add an extender on for you, making it 2-3 inches longer!
The Veronica Bracelet
Made from real conch shell pieces 🐚 I'm obsesssssed!! This super unique and stunning handmade bracelet is the biggest pop of color! Plus, it’s stretchy, so it will fit all wrist sizes! You're freaking welcome because this will be your new face statement piece!
Butterfly Kisses Bracelet
Okay how sweet is this bracelet, though?? 🥰  This cuties is a simple silver chain with little textured butterflies with little silver ball accents between. It's suuuuper lightweight, dainty, + delicate. Plus since it's silver it will go with literally anything! Such a perfect addition to a any sweet look 🦋 P.S. You could totally rock this as an anklet, too, if you have small ankles! - 9" fully extended
Sweet Summer Charms Bracelet
Yes pleeeeease to this sweet charm bracelet bracelet! So much to love here! For starters, the gold cord-like band is thick + high quality which is a big win. Then we've got the most amazing assortment of charms: a stunning multicolor grapefruit slice, an iridescent orange bead, a rhinestone studded pieces, a gold lipstick charm, an enamel rainbow...need I go on?! 🤩 Plus at the end of the extender there is a sweet little gold heart accent! I mean, come onnnn. Super playful + fun, this cutie is the perfect addition to any summer look! - 8.5" fully extended
The Tortuga Bracelet (Conch, Rose Quartz, Murano Glass)
This adjustable gold corded bracelet is a mother freaking show stopper. It's simple and feminine and so unbelievably beautiful! The turtle charm (tortuga in español) is hand carved from conch shell, and it's sandwiched between hand carved roze quartz and murano glass beads. Please notice the clear gemstone on the end of the bracelet. Talk about a classy freaking finish!! SO beautiful and such incredible quality! MEET THE ARTISAN, CLAUDIAClaudia lives in Salinas, Ecuador, and has been perfecting her craft for over 20 years, and IT SHOWS! She harvests conch shells and their pearls to create some of the highest quality pieces I’ve seen in all of Ecuador. She is the designer + handcarver of every piece in this collection. Claudia is a single mom of two kids she couldn't be prouder of. She is kind, humble, and taught me so much about her gorgeous works of art that she is truly so passionate about. One thing to know about this collection: however beautiful you think they are, DOUBLE IT! Also, conch shell is insanely lightweight. Every piece a 1/10 on heaviness, despite their size!
The Lola Bracelet
The most dainty yet colorful bracelet - did I mention I grabbed two of these for me and one of my bestie and bestie bracelets!? SO perfect! Insanely lightweight and the most beautiful bold-colored beads. This is a smaller bracelet and fits just securely on Kristi’s wrist. If you’d like an extender added, just drop us a note in the “additional notes” box at checkout, and we’ll be happy to add one for you!
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