You're Safe With Me Pin
Because everyone is worthy of being safe in the world 💖 This small but might pin says "You ARE SAFE WITH ME" in black lettering on white circle center, with two thin-striped rainbows encircling it (the top rainbow in more classic, muted colors, the bottom rainbow alternates blue, pink , + white). Let's commit to creating more safety + love in our world, k?   
Bi The Way, ILY Necklace
Who doesn't love love, am I right?? 🥰 This necklace comes in either silver or gold + features a hand doing the "I love you" symbol in sign language 🤟 It's dainty, it's shiny, it's so perfect for everyday wear. You'll be spreading all the love when you wear this cutie! Which is good, because our world needs more of it! 💖 - 18" in length, fully extended P.S. the green bag featured here is our best selling Down To Earth Crossbody!
Fat + Fab Dangles
These dangles are 100% fat + fabulous! Just like the rest of us bigger bodied women 🤩✨ These amazing dangles are super fun + colorful! Hanging from a circular post, they're a neon tinted (+ come in either pink or lime green!) with white outlines of a fabulous bigger female body. Honestly, perfect for everyday wear, IMO! 🙌 I hope these remind you to love the skin you're in, no matter her size. You. Are. Beautiful.  - Post back - 1/10 heaviness  
Can't Lie, I'm An Ally Headband
Inspired by + for the whole Queer community! 🌈 This adorrrrable headband has a metallic rainbow fabric wrapped around a black base + is absolutely fabulous, not to mention high quality!! 🤩 Perfect for pride events for sure, but also matched literally ANYTHING with all these colors! It's so good, so comfy, so fucking CUTE!  P.S. We pair this with our Hoe You Doin' Dangles + incredible No Panic, All Disco Dangles, both looks turned out so freaking cute! Check 'em out!
We All Fit Together Dangles
Although historically the imagery of a puzzle piece has been representative of Autism inclusion + acceptance, there has been a shift in recent years to a symbol of a rainbow infinity 🌈 Even so, we've chosen this piece to be representative of not only the Autism community but extending to wider picture of all humans, despite our differences + different lived experiences, fit + belong together 🧩💛 These statement dangles are so so cute + playful! Incredibly shiny + lightweight, they have a black base + feature multicolored tinted puzzle pieces that hang form the puzzle piece post! They're also mismatched, so one side has an extra puzzle piece dangling which just adds an extra element to love! 🥰 - Post back - 2/10 heaviness 
Hold The Phone for Every Tone Hair Clips
Where are my neutral babes attttt? These are for you! 🖤🤎🤍 These clips come in a set of 4 + feature large, leather covered barrette clips with the sweetest little smiley face tags! They're all neutral + feature what represent to us varying skin tones which are so, so beautiful when they all come together 🥰 These are extra fun too because they've got some squish which adds a dynamic element to this look!!  
Trans Lives Are Beautiful Lives Hoops
Inspired by our friends in the trans community 💜 These hoops are GORGEOUS! They have a translucent, iridescent vibe that transitions in an ombre from blue faces to pink. These open hoops are thick + chunky while also being super lightweight!! They'll add an amazing pop of color to any look + give off such a beautiful shine when they hit the light. SO MUCH TO LOVE!  - Post back - 2/10  
-60% sale
To Be Perfectly Queer... Ring
$6.00 $15.00
 Eeeeeek, I'm obsessed with this fashion ring! It's so cute + fun! The perfect statement piece for your pride-event look or on a day you want to spread some extra color + love into the world! This cutie is a chuncky white based ring that features a flat pride heart 🤍🌈 Ring size is 7.5 + this one is not adjustable, so be sure you check or know your ring size before purchasing!  - Size 7.5  
{Hoe} You Doin' Dangles
Puh-LEEZE, we had to bring these back coz we’re moving to the phase of ovulation + I am still living for these earrings! 😝👏 Ovulation tends to be when women feel most aroused (or feral, as the Gen Zs would say) with lots of science behind released pheromones that attract other people to us in this stage. Growing up I remember 'hoe' always being used as a derogatory term for women - specifically women who more naturally in tune with their sexuality. So I fucking LOVE that in recent years we have flipped the script + we've taken back the word as a way to celebrate beautiful + safe sexual expression! These earrings are SO CUTE + feature a silver safety pin with classic block block letter bracelet charms that spell "HOE". Minimalistic but making a statement. 🤘 Let’s be hoes and own that we are fully independent powerful women who can do whatever we want with our bodies. Yes to safe sex practices but also be a hoe if you want. You go, hoe! 💖   - CAN BE MADE HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a note at checkout! - Hook back - 1/10 heaviness
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