You Go Girl Claw Clip
GIVE ME ALL THE CLIPSSS!Ā These areĀ seriously so freaking cute!Ā The clipsĀ come inĀ three fun pattern options - the happiest multicolor polka dots, bright multicolored floral, softer yellow + purple floral. TheĀ patterns are overlaid onĀ a completelyĀ transparent baseĀ which makes for such a fun look!! This is a good mid-size clip that will beĀ versatile for multipleĀ hair-types. Half-up, all-up, whatever you want! Great for everyday wear to keep your hairĀ out of your faceĀ and look freakin' cute doin' it!Ā 
Living in Color Blue Light Glasses
You guysssss. I am freaking obsessed with these frames! For starters, thisĀ ombre rainbow pattern is LITERAL perfection šŸŒˆšŸ¤© The frames are also so unique in their style with a partially open side. Plus these are blue light glasses! So not only are they a cute-ass addition to any outfit but also SO practical for when you're spending lots of time looking at a's a win-win-winnn! These are superĀ colorful, super fun, and super freakingggg cool! Ā 
Fan Me With Pastels Hoops
This look thoughhhh I'm in love! These are such unique 'hoops' with a latch back and the bottom of the hoop featuring a fan of pastel rainbow fringe fanned out from a thicker gold bar accent. The pastels range from baby pink, to baby blue, to soft green, to yellow... I mean, seriously - these are PERFECT for girls who love a soft pop of color! They also totally work year round for any look!!Ā  - Latch back - 2/10 heaviness
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