Hope Blooms Here Hoops
Ugh, how cute are these hoops? So simple and sweet, I'm obsessed + wish we had them in 10 colors!! These small open gold-based hoops feature little mint flowers with gold centers. I mean seriouslyyyy, talk about adorable, classic, + totally versatile, these babes will go with ANYTHING!! So👏super👏cuuuute👏 - Post back - 1/10
Isn't She Lovely Ginko Ring
This rinnngggg. She is so lovely + you will be too with this little babe wrapped around your finger! This one is adjustable so it'll work for any ring size 🙌 The ring is a shiny gold with ginkgo leaves wrapped around - it's a thick, sturdy right and fits so cozy. Not to mention it has such a beautiful, classic look with this gold! Dressed up or down, this ring just WORKS for everyday wear!  
50 Shades Of Earth Hair Pin Set
How stunningggg are these bobby pins though?! These are not your basic bobby pins, they're bigger + sturdier than your average drugstore pin, plussss they're freaking CUTE. Like, are you kidding? This comes in a set of 5 + the pins themselves are gold with each one featuring a different assortment of gorgeous, earthy, glass crystal stones. The colors range from creamy white to stones with purple, pink or fuchsia hues. So, so, so cute!! ✨ 
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