-16% sale
You Have A Pizza My Heart Dangles
$22.00 $26.00
I mean, come onnnnn with these! These acrylic dangle feature pizzas with pepperoni hearts and glittery crust + heart post top🍕❤️ SO FREAKING CUTE! Perfect for pizza night with the girls! -Post back -1/10 heaviness
-36% sale
Queen of Pink Dangles *HYPOALLERGENIC*
$18.00 $28.00
These absolutely freaking cute earrings are handmade by @thekitschycactus!  One large bright pink heart hanging from a little heart stud with the cutest little 4 point magical stars on them! Sealed with resin making them not only durable but nice and glossy! -Post back -lightweight -Handmade with polymer clay
I'm Berry Loved Dangles
These big ol' strawberries are the cutest everrrr! We're going for champagne + strawberry vibes + honestly, these NAIL it! They're bold dangles for sure and feature a bright red strawberry with little holes as the seeds and a green top, plus did I mention they're also glittery!? YES, GIRL! - Post back - 3/10 heaviness
Heart Sunnies
HOLD THE PHONE - DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE!? Heart sunnies in FOUR different colors!! + lemme tell you, they are even cuter in person (if that's possible). These heart-shaped lenses come in BLACK, RED, LIGHT PINK, or WHITE! Plus, just because they're cute doesn't mean they're not practical! These babies are UV protecting, durable, + can totally be worn year-round! 😎💖
-34% sale
Heart On My Sleeves Dangles
$16.00 $24.00
THEY'RE SO CUTE, Y'ALL. These heart dangles are so festive, colorful, + fun without being too loud, big, or over the top. Perfect for days where you want to look cute but keep it chill, too. These have five small hearts in a vertical hang, the colors from top to bottom go: fuchsia, red, pink, soft pink, white. They're seriously so beautiful!! - Post back -2/10 heaviness
-34% sale
Classy Pearl Heart Dangles
$16.00 $24.00
Keeping it classy, babes! The pearl hearts are light as can be, the most beautiful soft white...they will match with literally anything!! They're an off-white, heart shape with an open center connected to a gold + pearl post. They're SO stinking cute! - Post back - 2/10 heaviness
-24% sale
Holo Hearts Dangles *HYPOALLERGENIC*
$16.00 $21.00
Umm check out these absolutely freaking cute holographic earrings are handmade by @thekitschycactus! These feature one medium sized open-center heart hanging from a smaller heart stud. The is a gray-ish silver with TONS of iridescent glitter! They catch the light SO well + give a holographic feel. Sooo freaking magical! - Hypoallergenic! - Post back - 1/10 heaviness - Handmade with polymer clay
V Is For Vulva Dangles
YESSSSS to all the vulvas! Y'all, vaginal + vulval health is so, so important as well as just having a basic understanding your female anatomy, reproductive system + sexual health! Understanding your body gives you the power to recognize signs of potential health issues of course, but also promotes positive body image, self-acceptance + appreciation for the the intricacies and beauty of your body 💖  And seriously, these vulva earrings are amazingggg! They're silver, a smidge heavy (but not too much) and to top it off, they're wildly anatomically correct 👏 What's not to love?! - Latch back -4/10 heaviness   RESOURCES: Planned Parenthood Cervical Cancer Screenings Women's Health
-34% sale
Champagne For Two Pls Dangles
$16.00 $24.00
Um, please. How freaking CUTE + sweet are these?! These acrylic, post back, hanging champagne bottles are soft marbled pink that feature a glittery gold top + heart on the bottle. Mimosas for all, y'all! Perfect for a bachelorette party, wedding, or any sweet, happy event where love is in the air! 💖 - Post back - 1.5/10 heaviness
-12% sale
Heart of Glitter Dangles
$16.00 $18.00
Gimme glitter, gimme hearts, gimme a touch of gold! These are DREAMY! 😍 A perfect, midsize earring but still an absolute statement with the pop of gold + sparkles! They have a gold heart shaped post and a gold outlined heart filled with pink glitter 💖 - Post back - 2/10 heaviness
-34% sale
Heart Emoji Dangles
$16.00 $24.00
Um WHATTTTTT 💖 These emoji hearts are making me all 😍😍😍 They're a soft pink acrylic heart on hooks. The front is a soft, subtle pink that looks marbled!! Two gold twinkle stars top them off to look like the exact twinkle heart emoji! I'm in LOVE, and you will be too! -hook backs-2/10 on heaviness
-12% sale
Shake It Up, Baby Dangles
$16.00 $18.00
Puh-lease show me a cuter, more fun pair of lovable earrings! I'll wait. YOU GUYS, these three-tiered heart dangles feature clear, air-packed hearts full of the shiniest, most glittery pink confetti. When you shake 'em, the glitter hops around and it's just SO DAMN ADORABLE! Did I mention they're insanely light? Like, you'll literally forget they're there! - Post back -1/10 heaviness
-25% sale
Take Me To The Disco Heart Dangles
$18.00 $24.00
But DO YOU SEE THE SHIMMER THO? These disco hearts PACK A PUNCH! They're shiny AF, so fun, and the best glam silver statement for the heart-holiday! Shine extra at your galentine's get together, on a date night, or look extra fabulous at work with them! The earrings are large, silver, have rhinestones, and have a post back. They're a smidge heavier than others - we rate them a 4.5 or 5/10.  -Post-back-4.5/10 on heaviness
-34% sale
Worthy of Love Heart Dangles
$16.00 $24.00
BUT DO YOU SEE THE SHINE THO!? Oh my goshhh, y'all. These are so playful, feminine, beautiful, and sparkly! Even with the long dangle, they're so, so light. They'll add the sweetest touch to any outfit, and they scream Valentines!! From the top to bottom, these have a barbie pink post, a small barbie pink heart, a medium peach-ish heart, and a large fuschia heart on the bottom, all filled with glitter + sparkles! They're gorgeous!! -post back-2/10 on heaviness
-23% sale
Sweet Cheeks Doily Dangles
$14.00 $18.00
Doilies are just SO classic and they've made these white, metal, heart dangles classically adorable!! These are light as a feather and will be the sweetest addition to truly ANY outfit. And just like Dolly Parton, they'll never go out of style! -  CAN BE MADE HYPOALLERGENIC!! Just leave us a note at checkout! - Hook back - 1/10 heaviness
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