Beautiful Isn't A Size Pin
Seriously though, socially constructed beauty standards are for the birds✌️ This sweet little enamel pin sums it up perfectly by giving us it's message in bold, all-caps, pink lettering: "Beautiful Isn't A Size". And it. Is. Perfect.  
Can't Dim My Shine Dangles
Let's talk about this shinnnneee ✨ Inspired by women being bold, flashy, amazing + unapologetically taking up space. The shine on these dangles is almost as stunning as you are! These post back dangles feature three four-pointed stars made with a double layer of silver acrylic material + a shine so bright you'll absolutely be turning heads when you rock them! They could also totally be dressed up or down, so you can go, be bold, + shine everyday with these! - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
Empowered Women Empower Women Hoops
Yesssss to these hoops!!! I mean, honestly they pretty much speak for themselves, let's EMPOWER WOMEN. All day, everyday. These post back, super lightweight, brushed silver earrings feature the message: "Empower Women" in all-caps as the hoop itself. These would be perrrrf for when you're heading to your next social justice rally, supporting a friend or if your vibe all about championing women and all their amazingness 🤩 - Post back - 1/10 heaviness    RESOURCES: Women's Health
God Is A Woman Dangles
NGL, I'm a little speechless when it comes to these beautiful gold silhouette dangles. The female body is a fucking masterpiece, ammiright?? These gorgeous earrings are a super lightweight, shiny gold that spiral to create a delicate outline of the female body and dangle from a gold post. Absolutely stunnninggg. Feeling feminine? Feeling powerful? Feeling like embracing your own gorgeous body? These are for you. 💖  - Post back - 2/10 heaviness -10/10 amazing
Grow A Pair Pin
Okayyyy, where are my pin girls at!? This little pin is so freaking fun and playful! She's small but mighty with this message all about standing your strength. The pin is a cartoon uterus with a cute little face and a banner stretching across that says "Grow A Pair". I mean seriously, say less 👏🏿👏🏽👏🏻  
I'm A Bad Bitch Studs
Dainty in design but bold in spirit - these little studs pack a punch with their message! These statement (literally) studs feature the words "bad bitch" in cursive lettering - I mean, need I say more?? Embrace all that badass-ness in you, girl! These are the perfect compliment for every outfit, obvi. - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
I'm A Freaking Feminist Necklace *GOLD DIPPED*
Say it loud, say it proud: I'm a freaking feminist!! Pls, I'm obsessed. This is a GOLD DIPPED chain bar necklace stating, clearly and simply, "FEMINIST" in all caps. She might be dainty and lightweight, but she is rock solid when it comes to her message and vibe! This necklace also comes with an extender to fit all neck sizes - BLESS 🙌
My Femininity Is My Superpower Huggie Hoop *HYPOALLERGENIC*
I'm soooo excited about these sweet little huggie hoops and everything they represent! The Venus symbol represents embodies the essence of womanhood, the strength AND grace that women possess, + serves as a reminder of the qualities + experiences that make women unique (+ powerful AF) 🤩 A timeless symbol to celebrate the beauty of femininity in all its forms + encourage us to embrace our individuality with confidence + pride 💖 These small but mighty huggie hoops come in gold, are coveredddd with rhinestones, and feature a Venus symbol charm dangling from the hoop - best of all: HYPOALLERGENIC!!! They're so dainty + beautiful and honestly the perfect fit for any occasion, so whether you're dressed up or down you can't go wrong with these babes!  - Huggie hoops - 1/10 heaviness   RESOURCES: Women's Health
Over The Feminine Rainbow Hoops
Yesssss okay let's talk about these beautiful babes for a sec because I'm obsessed!! Much like women, these are the perfect blend of boldness and softness between the design and the colors. These are chunky hoops (about 1" wide) with a gold post back that feature stripes of magenta, coral, lavender, and white. These hoops could absolutely be dressed up or down which makes them perfect for any occasion! What's NOT to love?!  - Post back - 3/10 heaviness
Struck By Female Empowerment Dangles
What's more powerful than lightning? How about a woman bolding embracing her self-worth. Hell👏freaking👏yes👏 These lightning bolt dangles represent everything I love about empowered women - boldness, passionate energy, strength. These neon pink lightning bolt dangles are metal, so super thin and suuuuper lightweight! They're perfect for a day when you're feeling a little bold, sassy, or channeling all your amazing feminine strength and power. - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
-66% sale
Venus Symbol Studs *HYPOALLERGENIC* *discounted*
$8.00 $23.00
How incredible are these handmade studs?! Not only do they make such a statement, they're also the perrrrfect pop of color! These amazing handmade and hypoallergenic, fuchsia, mirrored acrylic Venus symbol studs are bound to be one of your go-to picks for an everyday look! Please note...while still super cute, these are slightly damaged with a few scratches - so we've knocked the price down for you! - Handmade by @sydnimakes - Hypoallergenic - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
You Are Loved Necklace
So. Sweeeeeet. I LOVE this dainty, bar necklace with the perfect reminder - we are so freaking loved! This chain necklace is matte or worn gold with "LOVED" engraved in a gold bar and measures about 20" with the extender. P.S. The extender has the cutest little heart hooked to the end...Ugh, I can't get enough! 😍  - Lobster clasp
You Can Go Your Own Way Studs
I'm absolutely obsessed with the look of these studs! They're so simple at first glance, but totally unique enough to be a head turner! These little gold earrings pop in like a normal stud, but cover or hook over your ear almost like a cuff - so fun and unique!! They're a twisted shiny gold and literally weightless so you'll barely feel them. The perfect pair for any outfit! - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
You're A Goddamn Cheetah Hoops
Inspired by the queen herself, Glennon Doyle, these adorable cheetah hoops are the perfect addition to your collection - especially for my animal-print-lovin' babes! These medium size open hoops are semi-transparent with a cheetah print layer you will LOVE! They're so classic, and perfect for everyday wear! - Open hoop - 1/10 heaviness
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