Born To Be Wild Til 9pm Keychain
Remember the time when nights were a blur and the sun coming out means it’s time to go home? 🪩 Yep, those were the days. Nowadays it’s eat, sleep, work, repeat BUT this bubblegum pink keychain with thin, black lettering that says, “I Was Born To Be Wild But Only Until 9PM Or So” + a hot pink tassel might just be the sign that you need. So go ahead, say YES to those invites, reconnect with ur besties, dance like no one’s watching + live like there’s no tomorrow…until the clock strikes 9PM. 🥳  
Get In Loser Keychain
This one’s for all the Starbies lovers + basically anyone who memorized their favorite/customized coffee order by heart!! 😍 Coz the day officially starts when we have an iced coffee in hand. I mean…how else are these brain cells gonna function?? This is a royal blue keychain referencing Mean Girls’ iconic line with all white caps saying, “Get In Loser, We’re Getting Iced Coffee.” 100% will boost your serotonin + productivity…just like a kick of caffeine  💙
Good Day to Have a Good Day Keychain
You only get one shot of today so if life gives you lemons…make tequila + drink it bottoms up! 🍸 Some days just aren’t our days + are made for sighing through. Especially when things don’t go the way we want them to. Annoying, right? We can’t control the universe but we can control how we respond to it. This white keychain with smiley, flower accents + funky, wavy multicolored lettering that says, “It’s A Good Day To Have A Good Day” will remind you that you have the power to choose whether it’s gonna be an awesome day or a sh*tty one. 🌈 How freakin’ cool is that?? 
Hope You Feel Pretty Keychain
Whether it’s doing your skincare, playing with makeup, dressing up, working out, or simply cozying up at home- your beauty will always shine through. ✨ So wear that crop-top, rock those bright, neon locks, go for that crazy hairstyle you’ve been dreaming about. You deserve to feel good all the damn time. 👏 This sweet, gorgeous lavender keychain with iridescent lettering that says, “I Hope You Feel Pretty Today” is the PERFECT gift to make a loved one (+ even yourself) smile! 💖
Hot Girls Hit Curbs Keychain
A lil “oopsie daisy” never hurt nobody! 😉 If I had a dollar every time I hit the curb, I’d be rich AF lol. This one’s for our short queens behind the wheel (+ anyone who isn’t exactly an A+ driver!) who can nail anything from A-Z except C…urbs. Sorry, can’t have it all, besties. But you can have this hot pink keychain with girly, flowery, sparkly accents + wavy, white lettering that says, “Hot Girls Hit Curbs.” 🔥 
Living My Okayest Life Keychain
Because sometimes, sh*t happens and you just say “whatever, f*ck it!” + roll with it. Shoutout to the peeps who have had a tough year + are putting in all the effort to make the best out of it. 💪 Keep going! This stunning marbled keychain with fancy black lettering that says, “Living My Okayest Life” + a teal tassel brings so much comfort in knowing that life doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t even have to be the best. As long as you’re okay then it’s okay. 🤍  
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