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Mental Health Tee
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Say hello to the "Mental Health" tee! It says "Prioritizing your Mental Health is really freaking cool" ! SO TRUE RIGHT?! This tee was brought to life by @sarahmichelleco. They are screen printed locally, although they feel a little different from our previous screen printed tees, just a heads up. They are still great quality though! They are printed on Comfort Colors t-shirts, which are the yummiest, softest tees with a worn in feel. They get even better with each wash. Amazing quality, and the color is perfection! The prettiest mint green/aqua color. They fit true to size. We will be shipping these out this time! I am wearing an XL here, and am currently a size 12/14. S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL Body Length 26 3/5 28 29 2/5 30 3/4 31 3/5 32 1/2 33 1/2 Body Length Tolerance +/- 1 1/4 +/- 1 1/4 +/- 1 1/4 +/- 1 1/4 +/- 1 1/4 +/- 1 1/4 +/- 1 1/4 Chest Tolerance +/- 1 +/- 1 +/- 1 +/- 1 +/- 1 +/- 1 +/- 1 Chest Width (Laid Flat) 18 1/4 20 1/4 22 24 26 27 3/4 29 3/4
Ball of Joy Confetti Studs
These are sooooo fun + happy!! Literal balls of joy, these statement studs are clear balls with confetti inside. I mean what's not to love?! They've got "YAY ME, I'M DOING HARD THINGS + DESERVE A CELEBRATION" vibes all around! So you can wear these every freaking day, because you DO deserve a celebration🥳🎉 Side note: the confetti is settled on the base of the earring, so it's not a shaker earring. - Post back - 1/10 heaviness  P.S. We paired these studs with our Damn, I Love Food Hair Pin + Crown Of Smiles Headband which both make an adorable combo! Check 'em out!
#dancetherapy Disco Dangles
Because sometimes you just need to dance 💃 (No, seriously, one time my therapy homework was literally just to dance in crazy, bizarre ways!!) So CHEERS to these #dancetherapy cuties! These are three-tiered silver disco balls that increase in size as they go down + hang from a small silver post. They're a smidge heavy, but truly not bad. SO shiny, playful + fun, these are a party from top to bottom! ✨ - Post back - 4.5/10 heaviness 
Butterflies In My Tummy Studs
Okay, I'll just admit it - these are the cutest freaking earrings maybe of all time. They are small, gold butterflies. One wing is the post that goes into your ear, and it's got three clear, rectangular rhinestones on it while the other wing hangs at the cutest diagonal angle. They really are SO sweet! Perfect if you're looking for adding a simple but beautiful touch to any look! Plus they feel so representative of all of us doing our growth work, + transforming so beautifully 🦋✨ - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
I'm A Freaking Badass Necklace *GOLD DIPPED*
Y'ALL. Stop your scroll because I'M OBSESSED, and I'm pretty sure you will be too! This necklace is GOLD DIPPED which means it'll be tarnish free longer than many other gold items in your life! It's SO dainty but still clearly has a badass vibe, and it's a totally dress-up-or-down piece! This necklace says "badass" in all cap letters and hangs on a dainty, 16-inch gold chain. It comes with an extender, as well, making it more accessible for us babes with bigger necks!
Mental Health Matters Pin
 Say it louder for the people in the back👏🗣 This sweet little pin is speaking the loudest of truths! It's a circular pin with rubber backing and gray background that features a pink brain in the center with the words "Mental Health Matters" in multicolored lettering. We will foreverrrr be on this train as it wholly embodies and aligns with the RJ brand 💖 So much to love in such a little pin.  
Damn Clip
Oh heyyyyyy, babe! I really am in love with the quality of this clip!! It's thick and perfect for us girls with thicker hair, which is honestly so hard to find! It says "DAMN" in call caps and the letters are covered in some sexy little rhinestones! It's so fun and my newest fav hair accessory!  P.S. We have this same style clip but with the word: HAPPY - check it out!
Speaking of Coping Skills... Ice Cream Dangles
The therapist in me could GO ON for a long ass time about why it's absolutely acceptable to use use food as a coping skills. I could also go on about how our bodies need calories to survive, how food can be for enjoyment as much as it is for nutrition, how no food is a "bad" food..... but for now we'll just go with Speaking of Coping Skills... these Ice Cream Dangles!!! These have a soft pink marbled post and ice cream scoop on a tan waffle cone. It has multicolored sprinkles because we deserve nothing but the best! They're super lightweight, too! - Post back - 2/10 heaviness 
Boundaries Are My Bestie Dangles
Repeat after me: Boundaries are healthy. In healthy relationships, boundaries are safe to set + always honored. I know, easier said than done, but lemme tell you... these big ass X's right here will help empower you to get the job done!! If you need a little pump up before you go say no to your boss? Put these on. Going to a women's rights event? Yep, choose these. Have kids who scream "mom" 12x an hour? Show 'em your Xs LOL. These are SO sassy, edgy + fun! These giant "X" dangles come in gold or silver, are about 2.5 inches long, + are lined with rhinestones!! - Post back - 3/10 heaviness
Be You, You Stellar B*tch Necklace
YOU ARE PURE MAGIC + there is NO ONE on the whole entire planet made just like you with all of your uniqueness, quirks, sense of humor, cute face, + full-on DELIGHT. Do you know what the world needs more of? LOVE - SELF LOVE! So step into your authentic self + be freaking you, you stellar bitch! This necklace hangs on a loose, wide gold chain and features the words 'BE YOU' as a bar pendant, with "BE" as just outlined letters. Cute + a great message? Gimme, pls. - Lobster clasp - 1/10 heaviness
You're A Stud... Stud Set
For my all girls who love it simple and classy, but still are trying to look cute, heyyy, these are for you! This super lightweight set (like, literally, you cannot feel them when they're in) is all silver and features a crown with the cutest little rhinestones in it (because you're a QUEEN), an arrow (because you love GROWTH), and a heart (because you're so dang soulful)! Such a sweet blend! -All postbacks-1/10 heaviness
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