Baby, You're A Firework Studs
Never not obsessing over minimalist pieces with textured designs! Tell me these minimalist, spiky studs don’t remind you of beautiful fireworks bursting?? 🎆 It is simply stunning + you can easily spot it shining from afar just like true fireworks setting off from a distance! Hella versatile + an elegant take on a basic earring you can wear on a casual day out or on formal events! 😍 - Post back  - 1/10 heaviness  
Cheers To the Year Crystal Statement Dangles
A year-ender deserves a showstopper + these drop-dead gorgeous dangles def passed the vibe check! 👏 This large, statement waterfall dangles are completely covered in silver rhinestones with a stream-shaped post + a waterfall-like arch. 100% giving flapper girl vibes with how glam it is but we‘re a sucker for a good drama + hey! Go big or go home right? 💃 - Post back - 2.5/10 heaviness
Glitter Party Hoops
Gimme that glitter and glimmer because, y'all, these are HERE TO PARTY! These totally lightweight hoops are covered in chunky glitter, and they come black, silver, or gold - perfect for ANY fancy event or bringing a party vibe to a classic ol' Thursday. These are must haves, my friends!  - Hoop- Weight: 2/10
New Year's Ball Drop Hoops
These cute, open hoops are a ball of fun! 😜 No, really. I love me some basic, baby hoops but if you’re looking for a lil “oomph!” to switch up from your everyday huggie hoops (we love them equally!), we gotchu! These are gold, open hoops with a small, matte black ball sitting in the middle. It’s large, classy but not flashy which makes it an easy pick for your everyday staple + special occasions! 🙌 - Post back - 1 /10 heaviness
Super Star Hoop + Stud Set
Just like stars in the sky, this stud + hoop set is pure perfection! They come in gold or silver, are incredibly lightweight, + are perfect for stacking or wearing solo!! Bonus idea: mismatch these for a fun spin! Perfect for 24 hours, 7 days a week! These are a total STAPLE! -Post back -1/10 on heaviness
Wrapping Up Hoops
If you’re looking for a twist (literally! LOL) to the good ‘ol golden huggie hoops, well here it is! 😍 We’re a sucker for black + gold around here so mixing these two has us all freaked out in the best possible way. Ta-dah! Meet your new favorite huggie hoops: this playful, minimalist piece is a swirly, black + gold huggie hoops. It’s linked together giving off this dimensional, twisty shape that’s both classy + fun. ‘Nuff said. ✨ - Huggie hoops - 1/10 heaviness
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