The Electric Crossbody Bag
This bag is everything!!! This is for the queens who don't love bulky bags but love to throw a bag across their body + get on their way! This bag is just the right size to hold the essentials: phone, wallet, keys. Its really durable + high quality, but the greatest thing about this bag is that it adds the most perfecttttt, electric pop of color 🤩 She comes in neon yellow, neon coral, glossy or matte black, neon green, matte pink, matte white, or matte cobalt blue! It literally brings an outfit together and makes it workkkk. Somehow they pretty much match everything, which is just ✨chef's kiss✨ - adjustable strap THESE ARE ALL SLIGHTLY DAMAGED. Very minor damages like marks on the bag.
Down To Earth Crossbody Bag *VEGAN LEATHER*
Obsessed doesn't even come close to describing how I feel about this bag! This bag is so chic, badass, and sooooo practical! And did someone say pockets?! Because this girlie is swimming with pockets! 🙌 🤩 The bag comes it several gorgeous color options: black, brown, a burnt orange (almost mustard color!), royal blue, red, or BARBIE FREAKING PINK! All have gold accents and a strap to match. Like, PLEASE. They're super high quality + perfect for so many events or just as your everyday bag! See why I'm obsessed?!? - PETA APPROVED vegan leather - 46" strap
Fuzzy Bucket Hat
Going to be honest, I feel empowered AF when I wear these hats! They make me feel like ME! They are so fun, bold + happy! They are also super soft, vibrant, cozy + warm! Available in a few different colors or pattern options that are the perfect pop of color: orange, cobalt blue cow print, striped rainbow, or checkered rainbow. The patterned hats each have adjustable bands on the inside which give them have a little more structure than the orange one. However, the orange hats is fleece lined making it extra cozy!! 🧡   - 22" circumfrence for all hats (with inner band for tightening on cow print, checkered + striped rainbow)
Gimme a Hug Ring
Stop it, this ring is sooo presh! It'll feel like you're be getting a tiny hug all day long when you wear this little babe! The ring comes in silver or gold + has two hands at either end so it'll wrap around your finger like a hug (it's cuteness overload, honestly). Size totally doesn't matter with this - since the hands aren't touching, the ring completely adjustable. That means perfect for everyone, everywhere, all the time. No lie.  - Adjustable wrap ring - Cozy, comfy fit
You Go Girl Claw Clip
GIVE ME ALL THE CLIPSSS! These are seriously so freaking cute! The clips come in three fun pattern options - the happiest multicolor polka dots, bright multicolored floral, softer yellow + purple floral. The patterns are overlaid on a completely transparent base which makes for such a fun look!! This is a good mid-size clip that will be versatile for multiple hair-types. Half-up, all-up, whatever you want! Great for everyday wear to keep your hair out of your face and look freakin' cute doin' it! 
Can't Dim My Shine Dangles
Let's talk about this shinnnneee ✨ Inspired by women being bold, flashy, amazing + unapologetically taking up space. The shine on these dangles is almost as stunning as you are! These post back dangles feature three four-pointed stars made with a double layer of silver acrylic material + a shine so bright you'll absolutely be turning heads when you rock them! They could also totally be dressed up or down, so you can go, be bold, + shine everyday with these! - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
Butterflies In My Tummy Studs
Okay, I'll just admit it - these are the cutest freaking earrings maybe of all time. They are small, gold butterflies. One wing is the post that goes into your ear, and it's got three clear, rectangular rhinestones on it while the other wing hangs at the cutest diagonal angle. They really are SO sweet! Perfect if you're looking for adding a simple but beautiful touch to any look! Plus they feel so representative of all of us doing our growth work, + transforming so beautifully 🦋✨ - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
Happy Little Clouds Studs
I can totally hear Bob Ross's soothing voice when I see these happy little clouds ☁️🌈✨ So dang CUTE! These are definitely statement studs - but also sweet and simple. Perfect for when you love a little bit of fun + color, but don't want to go super loud. These studs are feature rainbow colored bars dangling on little gold hoops from a gold-outlined white cloud post - so cute, so sweet. They work for in a million ways for a million purposes!  - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
Daisy In Love Claw Clip
Okay these claw clips are seriously SO CUTE! Plus they're awesomeee quality + fit so snuggly which is perfect for those girlies who want all the hair off their neck without having to re-clip it up 100x a day! Our model, Kristi has a lot of hair + it's thick, but these clips still hold it all in place. They also make for the cutest half-up or half-down look! These clips are 4"x2", come in options of lavender or blue, both with a pattern of the sweetest white daisies with an orange center. They have a shiny, glossy finish making them stand out even more! A must-have for your claw clip collection!!  
Dynamic Duo Hoops
Shut the freaking front doors with these two tone hoops, you guys! I'm OBSESSED with how fun and versatile they are! Fun fact: These can be worn both directions, so they're totally reversible for whatever color you want in front! OR you can mismatch! These oval shaped, clasp-back chunky hoops come in two options - one is orange and hot pink, the other is periwinkle and mint and have a gold interior.  - Clasp back, kinda like a huggie hoop - 3/10 heaviness
Heart Sunnies
HOLD THE PHONE - DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE!? Heart sunnies in FOUR different colors!! + lemme tell you, they are even cuter in person (if that's possible). These heart-shaped lenses come in BLACK, RED, LIGHT PINK, or WHITE! Plus, just because they're cute doesn't mean they're not practical! These babies are UV protecting, durable, + can totally be worn year-round! 😎💖
Spring Weather Be Like... Earring Pack
Let's be real, spring weather is nottttt always cute, but this earring pack sure is!! I mean, come on, how adorable does it get?! This pack comes with three pairs of earrings: gold sun studs, gold, rhinestone-studded sun and cloud studs, and a rhinestone studded raincloud hook back dangle with little chains of "rain" hanging down. OBSESSED. Perfect for a casual or dressed up look and so fun to mix and match even if you don't have multiple piercings! - Hook back & post back (x2) - 1/10 heaviness 
-60% sale
Mini Pastel Bag
$21.00 $52.00
The cutest mini bag! Please note that this is a mini bag, it can hold a phone and some keys and a couple of small things. Good quality, comes with a gold chain strap! Dimensions: base of the bag is 7in wide. It sits 4.5" tall and 9" if you count the handle. 3" wide at the base and get a smidge smaller toward the top. The chain strap (which is detachable) is 48" long! The cutest size, and the best rubber-like fabric perfect for spring or a rainy day!
Over The Rainbow Studs
Okay, how cute are these little studs!? For all my minimalistic babes, these studs are perfect for girls who love a simple look that still has a little flare of fun! These studs are silver outlined and and feature a red, orange, and blue rainbow with clouds at the either end - they also have such a unique back that is more of a cap, so it won't poke 🙌 They are super versatile, comfy, and basically weightless, so you can totally wear these all day, everyday! - Post back (NO POKE!) - 1/10 heaviness (basically weightless)
V Is For Vulva Dangles
YESSSSS to all the vulvas! Y'all, vaginal + vulval health is so, so important as well as just having a basic understanding your female anatomy, reproductive system + sexual health! Understanding your body gives you the power to recognize signs of potential health issues of course, but also promotes positive body image, self-acceptance + appreciation for the the intricacies and beauty of your body 💖  And seriously, these vulva earrings are amazingggg! They're silver, a smidge heavy (but not too much) and to top it off, they're wildly anatomically correct 👏 What's not to love?! - Latch back -4/10 heaviness   RESOURCES: Planned Parenthood Cervical Cancer Screenings Women's Health
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