The Electric Crossbody Bag
from $30.00 $49.00
This bag is everything!!! This is for the queens who don't love bulky bags but love to throw a bag across their body + get on their way! This bag is just the right size to hold the essentials: phone, wallet, keys. Its really durable + high quality, but the greatest thing about this bag is that it adds the most perfecttttt, electric pop of color 🤩 She comes in neon yellow, neon coral, glossy or matte black, neon green, matte pink, matte white, or matte cobalt blue! It literally brings an outfit together and makes it workkkk. Somehow they pretty much match everything, which is just ✨chef's kiss✨ - adjustable strap THE BLACK BAGS ARE ALL SLIGHTLY DAMAGED. Minor damages like a scratch on the gloss.
Ms. Frizzle Knows Best Dangles
I mean pleeeeeaase, who doesn't love Ms. Frizzle? A queen, a literal icon. We love. These super fun acrylic dangles showcase Ms. Frizzle (and her class' pet chameleon, Liz) with one of her most famous lines: "TAKE CHANCES, MAKE MISTAKES, GET MESSY" in purple, green, and aqua respectively, all hanging from a circular glittery purple iridescent post. These are so sweet and fun, perfect for anyone teaching, working with, or raising little ones - or anyone who love tapping into their creative side! - Post back - 1/10 heaviness  
-23% sale
Electric Neon Beanies
$14.00 $18.00
Beanies are seriously the easiest way to look cool & put together with minimal effort. They are perfect for covering up dirty hair when you need to! They obviously keep you warm, and these are perfect for tying an outfit all together. These beanies are so bright and add the perfect pop of color to your winter outfits!!!
Villain Era Earring Set
The Villain Era set is perfect for the minimalist queen who wants to add a little spice to her everyday earrings! Comes with three studs, & three small open hoops!  Studs: lightning bolt, dragonfly, crown Huggie hoops: snake, cheetah, spider 
Balloon Animal Hoops
These ADORABLE chunky hoops have the cutest balloon animal charm! They're lightweight open hoops + the little charm just adds the cutest touch to the classic small hoop! I love how playful + childlike they are, but also how they look sophisticated + mature! SUCH a fun combo!! - Post back  - 3/10 heaviness
Gimme a Hug Ring
Feel the warmth of a gentle embrace with this adorable ring- available in silver + gold! Featuring two hands at each end, creating a delightful hug effect around your finger. PLUS, its size flexibility makes it suitable for everyone. As we witness heart-wrenching images of the ongoing Gaza conflict, our collective desire to comfort those affected, especially traumatized children + grieving mothers, is symbolized by this ring 🫂 Beyond nationality or religion, it’s a gesture of love, protection + healing. ❤️‍🩹 - Adjustable wrap ring - Cozy, comfy fit
-16% sale
You Have A Pizza My Heart Dangles
$22.00 $26.00
I mean, come onnnnn with these! These acrylic dangle feature pizzas with pepperoni hearts and glittery crust + heart post top🍕❤️ SO FREAKING CUTE! Perfect for pizza night with the girls! -Post back -1/10 heaviness
You Go Girl Claw Clip
GIVE ME ALL THE CLIPSSS! These are seriously so freaking cute! The clips come in three fun pattern options - the happiest multicolor polka dots, bright multicolored floral, softer yellow + purple floral. The patterns are overlaid on a completely transparent base which makes for such a fun look!! This is a good mid-size clip that will be versatile for multiple hair-types. Half-up, all-up, whatever you want! Great for everyday wear to keep your hair out of your face and look freakin' cute doin' it! 
No Rain, No Rainbows Sunnies
Okay, I cannotttt with these sunnies!! They are so freaking playful and fun! These amazing sunnies come in FOUR lens color options: black tinted, yellow tinted, soft pink tinted, or a light brown tint, they are gold framed large round lenses that feature a thinly striped, classically colored rainbow across the top of each eye - I am obsesssssed. These are perfect year-round as the cutest statement piece! 
Out Of This World Dangles
I cannotttt - these are so gorgeous!! Totally perfect for all our science teachers or lovers of space and the celestial word who wanna stay ✨hella✨ classy! These beautiful gold dangles hang from a four-pointed star and feature a rhinestone circle outline with a solid gold ring running across (like, totally giving Saturn vibes) and some adorable little twinkle stars inside the circle of the "planet". So fun but not too wild - they're an easy, simple, lightweight way to add some fun any outfit!   - Post back - 1/10 heaviness  
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Dangles
UGH, this one gets me right in the childhood 💛🥰 How suh-weeeeet are these dangles!! They're a double layered acrylic dangle with the bottom layer being a glitter green and the top lager being a exaaacttt replica of the children's classic The Very Hungry Caterpillar hanging by his tail in a little squiggle. I LOVE IT!! These are so freaking cute and such a perfect reminder of the beauty that comes from growth and development - may be all be as hungry for growth as this little guy and develop into beautiful butterflies!   - Hook back - 1/10 heaviness  
Butterflies In My Tummy Studs
Okay, I'll just admit it - these are the cutest freaking earrings maybe of all time. They are small, gold butterflies. One wing is the post that goes into your ear, and it's got three clear, rectangular rhinestones on it while the other wing hangs at the cutest diagonal angle. They really are SO sweet! Perfect if you're looking for adding a simple but beautiful touch to any look! Plus they feel so representative of all of us doing our growth work, + transforming so beautifully 🦋✨ - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
Keeping It Together Paperclip Studs
OMG, let's talk about this shine for a sec!! These adorable studs are so freaking shimmery and have such a classic, elegant look while featuring something as simple as a freakin paperclip...incredible, honestly! These earrings are sweet and simple: gold with a rhinestone studded paperclip. These could be dressed up for SURE but also rocked with an edgier vibe - so versatile, what's not to love?!   - Post back - 1/10 heaviness   
Gold Star For Me Star Hoops
YESSS 🤩 Absolutely loving these star hoops, they give such a classic look, but could also totally be dressed out as edgy and fun - soooo versatile! These are a midsize open star hoop that come in silver or gold, slightly thicker but not fully "chucky". These are perfect for in or out of the classroom - they would shine on any one, any day, any time!! ⭐️   - Post back - 1/10 heaviness 
Everyday Rhinestone Cuff *GOLD FILLED*
This cuff is too cute! Very similar to our plain everyday cuff, but bedazzled! Gold cuff with magenta, cobalt, purple, orange, and green rhinestones arranged in a cool design on the cuff! Gold filled making it hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant! Creates a cartilage piercing effect with no piercing required - for all my girlies who don't have piercings, these are especially for you!
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