Empowered Women Empower Women Hoops
Yesssss to these hoops!!! I mean, honestly they pretty much speak for themselves, let's EMPOWER WOMEN. All day, everyday. These post back, super lightweight, brushed silver earrings feature the message: "Empower Women" in all-caps as the hoop itself. These would be perrrrf for when you're heading to your next social justice rally, supporting a friend or if your vibe all about championing women and all their amazingness 🤩 - Post back - 1/10 heaviness    RESOURCES: Women's Health
My Femininity Is My Superpower Huggie Hoop *HYPOALLERGENIC*
I'm soooo excited about these sweet little huggie hoops and everything they represent! The Venus symbol represents embodies the essence of womanhood, the strength AND grace that women possess, + serves as a reminder of the qualities + experiences that make women unique (+ powerful AF) 🤩 A timeless symbol to celebrate the beauty of femininity in all its forms + encourage us to embrace our individuality with confidence + pride 💖 These small but mighty huggie hoops come in gold, are coveredddd with rhinestones, and feature a Venus symbol charm dangling from the hoop - best of all: HYPOALLERGENIC!!! They're so dainty + beautiful and honestly the perfect fit for any occasion, so whether you're dressed up or down you can't go wrong with these babes!  - Huggie hoops - 1/10 heaviness   RESOURCES: Women's Health
Trust Your Intuition Ring *GOLD FILLED*
You know your body than anyone else, you freaking live in it! It's important to understand your body enough to trust your intuition + gut feeling if something feels..well, off. Contact your healthcare provider to have open + honest communication. More importantly, make sure you have a quality provider who LISTENS to you + truly vets your concerns. If a provider dismisses you, it's time to dismiss that provider + find a new doc✌️ Your body will tell you what it needs, just listen + trust your intuition 💖  This ring gives the essence of the "all-seeing-eye" which is a representation of being in-tune with your inner-self. So cool, so colorful, so unique - I love it! It features white eyes with blue irises on a pink background It is a high quality chunky gold filled ring, meaning this will NOT tarnish + is hypoallergenic 🙌 It's also adjustable, so it should fit a variety of finger sizes!!  👁✨ - Gold filled - Hypoallergenic RESOURCES: Find A Provider Women's Health
Love You Bunches Hoops
These gorgeous open hoops are small, but wide + have the most beautiful engraved flowers with gold accents. These come in a soft pink or bright red, both have a sweet classic look that are perfect dressed up or down!! - Post back -1/10 heaviness  
Viva La Vulva Necklace *GOLD FILLED*
Yes + amen to women's reproductive health!! 🙌 Got a vulva? Probs means you've got a cervix, too. And that means there is risk of cervical cancer. GOOD NEWS: Routine pap smears are a great way to pick up early detection when treatments for cervical cancer would be most effective. Be empowered + take a proactive role in your own cervical health by simply scheduling an annual exam! Need help, or not sure where to start? Check out the links below! 👇🏻👇🏽👇🏿 This stunning necklace is a sweet representation of women's reproductive health. The necklace is all gold with a handmade pendant that is wire twisted into a vulva shape hanging on a classic gold-filled (aka tarnish resistant + hypoallergenic!) chain. It's simplistic, minimal, and honestly so, so pretty! The perfect way to honor + feel empowered by your body✨ - 19"   RESOURCES: Planned Parenthood Cervical Cancer Screenings (Schedule a Pap Smear) Women's Health
Silver Baby Huggie Hoops
These cutie hoops are tiiiiny + feel like a little hug on your earlobe💖 They're a silver hoop with a chain link style. Super cute, versatile + totally stackable! They will go with absolutely anything!! - Huggie hoop -1/10 heaviness  
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