What The Shell Statement Purse
What the SHELL, YOU GUYS! 🐚 Do these scream Ariel or do they scream Ariel!? This is THEE cutest statement bag! It has a hard shell and is covered in the prettiest off-white soft velour fabric and black interior. It has one big pocket (that fit large sunnies + a iPhone X). Not to mention, the gold accents on this bag are gorgeous!! The thick gold chain strap is so comfy + stylish, PLUS did we mention the pearl accent on the zipper pull?! This bag is a must-have for any tropical or summery outfit!  - 42" strap length, not adjustable
Under The Sea Dangles
Ummm just call me Ariel because I'm living all my mermaid dreams with these cuties! 🧜‍♀️✨ I mean seriously, these are PERF. These dangles are sparkly ALL OVER and feature a bright aqua glittery clam shell (outlined in silver glitter) dangling from a glittery aqua circular post. All acrylic, so they're super lightweight! These are super fun + perfect for a theme party, a cruise or vaca, or any time you just need a little bit of beach vibes! Plus just WAIT til you see how these shimmer + shine 🤩   - Post back - 1/10 heaviness
The Waves Are Calling Ear Cuff
These are just the sweeeeeetest little ear cuffs! I'm so in love. These cuties come in either silver or gold + are the most simple little ear cuff in the shape of an ocean wave 🌊✨ So sweet, simple, + incredible versatile! Not to mention perfect for pairing with bolder earrings if you want a stacked look! How these work: loop the cuff around your ear wherever it fits, then just move it up or down on your ear to the spot where it's most comfy for you! No piercing required!! - 1/10 heaviness - 10/10 cuteness
-7% sale
Oh Whale Studs
$15.00 $16.00
These studs are super, super, SUPER cuuuute! I can't even!! 🤩 These cuties are gold based studs of little baby whales that are light blue with a gold spout. So sweet + simple, obviously perfect for any + every look!!  - Post back - 1/10 heaviness  
I Whale Always Love You Ear Jacket
OMG, could these be any cuter? (Answer: nope, these are peek cuteness!! 😍) These cuties come in two pieces: a pearl post + the cutest little gold based, rhinestone-studded whale tail (or a mermaid tale, whatever you prefer) that also features a smaller pearl alongside. These are worn by pushing the pearl through like normal, then hooking the tail through the back + wrapping it around your lobe to lock it in place. Such a gorgeous little piece that is cute as can be! It's a classy look with the pearl, gold, + rhinestones, but with a touch of playfulness 🐋 🤗  - 1/10 heaviness  
Shell Yes Statement Studs
Ooookay, can we take a sec to talk about these shells though! 🐚🤩 So freaking fun! Absolutely a statement piece, these earrings are thick + chunky but actually lighter than they look. The earring itself is a hollow shiny gold swirled seashell that features multicolored gemstones scattered throughout! The back is super unique + functions more like a latch back than a standard post. These are a classy vibe with some fun, playful color mixed in!! - Latch back - 2.5/10 heaviness  
Seal With It Necklace
Are seals not the cutest little creatures! UGH. Even if you don't think so IRL, can we at least agree this little seal charm necklace is the cutest everrrr? ✨🦭 This necklace is a decently long dainty gold chain that features the sweetest little shiny gold flat seal charm. It is cute as can beeeee + just gives me all the warm, fuzzy feelings! It'll be sure to add a playful touch to any look! - 18" length fully extended  
Sea Glass, Sea Class Ring
Eeeek how fun is this ring?! This cutie is the PERFECT pop of color! The whole ring is transparent + chunky, with a wide flat top that contains multicolor pieces that give off sea-glass vibes for sure! It's such a fun fashion ring + could be worn anywhere or with anything since it has so many colors!! This ring is a size 8 + is NOT adjustable, so be sure to know your ring size before purchasing! - Size 8, not adjustable
Save The Ocean Pin
The perfect pin does not exis- wait a sec, here it is!! 🥰 This sweet little pin is a perfect circle + features an orca with a woman on its back, on a gorgeous blue ocean with gold accent waves + the words "Save The Ocean" in gold lettering filling the white sky above the whale. SO cute + a the perfect way to spread an important message. Let's save the ocean together, friends!! 💙🌊  Wanna be proactive in saving our world's oceans? Visit TheOceanAgency.org for more info!
Heart Of The Ocean Dangles
Ummmm, Titanic vibes anyone?? These sweet gold huggies feature an absolutely gorgeous rectangular aqua blue gem charm + are oh so stunning🤩 The gold hoop + the gem are soooo shiny, especially when the light hits!! These have such a classic look + are perfect for a dressed up look!  - Huggie hoop (no poke!!) - 1/10 heaviness    
Choose Glitter, Not Litter Necklace
How sweet is this necklace?? Made of actual fishing line, this is a shorter necklace + so it's more like a choker! There are sweet little beads of varying sizes + colors spread throughout the line. Such a cute little piece that works with any outfit! 🤗 - 14" length fully extended PSA: Did you know that almost 460,000 miles of fishing line gets 'lost' at sea each year? Those materials are soooo detrimental to marine life + ecosystems... (it looks much better as a necklace than on the ocean floor, am I right??) You can help protect + clean up our beautiful oceans right here!  💙
Crystal Clear Hoops
Shut the front dooooor with these hoops!! 🤩 I mean seriously, you won't believe this shine until you see it, it is STUNNING! These are a perfect mid-size open hoop with gorrrrgous iridescent, blue + purple shimmery pieces encompassed in resin, totally giving sea-glass vibes! These are the perfect mix of shine + color that will work for any look!! - Post back - 1/10 P.S. We pair these with our Women Get Shit Done Claw Clip + it's super freaking cute. Check it out! 
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