Hey Babe, thank you SO much for checking out my shop. I'm Lily! I'm a girl with a goal of empowering women by finding and selling rad earrings.

This is my "why:"

When I was a kid—a freaking KIDI felt this strong need to fit in this box. To wear what the popular kids were wearingand to fit in perfectly. I quickly learned that there’s no freedom in that. I wasn’t feeling like the sparkly, shiny, colorful soul that I am. So when I was 11 years old I started making earrings. They were ugly y’all. I had hoops with pop tops and hoops with safety pins. But I thought they were the coolest and I wore them and felt empowered. I felt the most freedom because I was different. And let’s be clear, I don’t make these earrings (yet ;) )! I just search long and hard for earrings that seem unique because unique=empowering to me. I hope you feel that. I hope you feel empowered when you wear Roziejune. I hope you feel unstoppable and beautiful and strong and brave, because you are.

About Lily:

I'm a city girl from Alabama living in Utah wanting to live in a big beautiful city. 

I LOVE people. All of them. And I love life. 

I am married to the sweetest guy around who supports me in all of my dreams. We had our little rainbow babe Rosie June in March of 2018 and we are just obsessed with her! We also have two little furbabydogs that have the cutest little personalities!

I'm a fashion photographer; a Grey's Anatomy, Harry Potter, Walking Dead, and Bachelor lover.  I thrive off of vulnerability and self expression. I am all about love and acceptance. 

Writing this without emojis was a struggle.