First off, hi, hello, welcome, you can sit with us! Welcome to my little corner of the internet, roziejune.com. I'm Lily, the founder and owner of roziejune. 
I started roziejune back in 2018 when I was a new mom who needed a hobby and who needed a lot of self love. We started out selling earrings, then moved onto many accessories, then added t-shirts, and eventually even a magazine! We really value inclusivity so you will find that our products are very size inclusive.
We are super community focused-go join our community over on instagram- @roziejune is our handle for our shop, and @roziejunemag is our handle for our magazine!  We care a lot about inclusivity, representation, ending stigmas and fostering self love. We want you to feel empowered, important, and very loved. 
A little more about me?
I'm just your average quirky millennial girl with a love for fun earrings, comfy cute clothes, people, New York City, french fries, Harry Styles, social justice, Disneyland, color, experiences, authenticity, and magic. I have a little family with two toddlers, a cute spouse and a mini Aussie. We lived in Utah for 6 years but recently relocated to the south. 
I'm really really glad you're here. I hope you know how completely worthy & magical you are. Thanks for stopping by!