Beginning in 2018, Roziejune was developed from Lily’s dream to kickstart a small business. As a long-time lover of statement earrings, which have made a revolutionary comeback, Lily knew that this was her way to develop something of her own. But this idea of earrings represented more for her and the community that she planned to foster. Earrings represented accessibility, an item that fits everyone regardless of size. They allow you to reflect your personality, mood, and style in every season of your life. 

Roziejune has never been just a business for Lily and the followers of the brand quickly picked up on the Roziejune movement. A movement that had been growing within Lily’s heart, but that the Roziejune community developed into an urgent message that needed to be shared. This movement is all about love. Radical love of yourself, others, and the world. Love that is unafraid to get messy in order to make room for those who have been written out and intentionally forgotten. That means fighting for social justice in order to see a better world. For us, this means destigmatizing mental health, continuing to advance education and protection for cis and trans women, fighting until society repairs the historical atrocities inflicted upon BIPOC, and promoting pride and love for all members of the LGBTQ+ community. We will honor and respect the many ways that the intersections of these identities disproportionately oppress on a large scale. We back this with our hearts, our actions, our money, and our votes.

So in 2021, roziejune pivoted to be even more community focused. We now have the shop you see here, which is filled with uplifting merch, including our own magazine-a revolutionary magazine that we truly hope can change the world. 

Queens, it is time to join the Roziejune movement and make our impact on the world.